Leashed on a dog chain by two young Masters

At BrutalTops. Handsome, snarling Masters Lucas and Tom return together to humiliate feeble fag Elliott, who is about to find out just how far out-of-his-depth he is by getting involved with these two brutal bastards.


The bottom probably took one look at handsome Tops Master Lucas and Master Tom and saw their roughish bad-boy qualities, not the danger that lies in-store if he fails to serve them exactly as they demand.


Master Lucas revels in the complete control he has over his sub as the sweaty workmen find the completely nude sub and lash him down with a thick dog chain. They order him to lick clean their boots before finding a huge dildo which they painfully push up his arsehole.


This get the two sadists very excited and they proceed to pull out their fat hard cocks which they ram into the back of the sub’s worthless mouth. The sub is powerless to prevent the fierce tops from using him as they like!



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