Leathermen Paper Dudes

Wow, check out this book from Perfectbound Press:

Blue-Dude-5-web Green-Dude-1-web

Thom Magister’s four hot paper dudes enjoy wearing leather, denim, uniforms and fetish gear. Each dude has seven different outfits, including cop, cowboy and military styles — plus bondage accessories and more — to convey a particular look. That adds up to almost 50 different fantasies you can explore with their help!


You can purchase this at Amazon.

It is one of many offerings available from Perfectbound Press.

UPDATE:  David Stein of Perfectbound Press will be at the Rainbow Book Fair in NYC on Saturday, April 18, 2015, from noon to 6 pm.  It’s at the Holiday Inn on way west 57th Street. He’ll be selling his stuff there, along with fellow kink author Tim Brough.

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