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David Stein: Writer, editor, activist and publisher

I learned with great sadness last night that David Stein, also known as slave david stein, has died. I do not know any of the details.


David was an author and publisher of BDSM-themed books, both fiction and nonfiction. His most popular works included “Carried Away: An SM Romance,” an erotic novel; and “Ask the Man Who Owns Him: The Real Lives of Gay Masters and Slaves,” a non-fiction book in which a number of real-life Master/slave couples share their stories. David self-published his books — along with many more by other authors — via his publishing company, Perfectbound Press. His fiction and non-fiction writing was also published in Drummer, DungeonMaster, Mach and many other gay underground magazines back in the day.

David was one of the founders of GMSMA (Gay Male S/M Activists), which was a New York City-based organization of gay men dedicated to “safe, sane, consensual s/m.” As an officer of GMSMA and longtime volunteer and editor of NewsLink, the organization’s newsletter, David helped educate countless others on safety and technique. He wrote a column on safety for Bound & Gagged magazine, called “Bond+Aid.” Over the years he was a volunteer, speaker and presenter at many leather and SM events, including numerous International MAsT (Masters and Slaves Together) weekends, the Leather Leadership Conference, the Master/slave Conference, South Plains Leatherfest, and Leather Pride Night.

He was also an active on many online discussion groups over the years, including FetLife.

His most recent project was “Our Lives, Our History: Consensual Master/slave Relationships From Ancient Times to the 21st Century,” a non-fiction anthology edited by Peter Tupper, which he published under Perfectbound Press. His books are also available on Amazon.

According to his profile on FetLife, David was in service to Sir Brian. He is also survived by many former Masters and fellow slaves, as well as countless friends. He will be greatly missed.

david stein’s ‘Carried Away: An SM Romance’ is out in a revised second edition

Steamy leathersex is only the beginning when a cocky, jaded bottom and a once-burned Master come together for some no-strings bondage and SM. After their scene is over, a deeper hunger awakens, and they begin playing for much higher stakes, moving despite themselves toward a dynamic of Owner and owned. Set in New York City back in 1992, when gay leather and SM had emerged from the closet and seedy underground to become almost chic, only to be nearly destroyed by the ravages of the AIDS epidemic, Carried Away recreates a milieu as notable for the compassion gay men showed for their brothers as for the sensual excesses that anti-gay critics harped on.

01_Carried Away 2nd ed front cover

This epic novel by longtime gay writer and activist david stein is replete with ferocious SM action, hard-core sex, and fiendishly restrictive bondage — which he describes so well, you won’t need photos to recreate it (assuming you have the right gear, a good space, and a willing partner!). But Carried Away is not only about SM, bondage, and sex, wonderful as all these are. More fundamentally, it is a love story — a romance, if you will — between two 30something gay men who are roughly equal in intelligence, ability, and character, but opposite in temperament and erotic preference.

Terry Andrews is a successful architect and all-around topman with a passion for bondage and the means to indulge it. Matt Stone manages a large bookstore, but he lives for the times when he can surrender control to a man he likes and admires. When they happen to be cruising at the Spike, the heaviest leather bar in Manhattan, on the same slow week night, neither is looking for a new partner, just some hot action. They get that, and much more, from each other — without intending to, they forge a deeper connection. Matt realizes that he needs to belong to someone, not simply let himself be played with and then released. For his part, Terry needs to own what he loves, and once he falls for Matt, enslaving him is the only option!

For this new second edition, the author has carefully polished all of the quarter million words of the text without changing anything that made the novel so beloved by the thousands of readers — both men and women! — of the original 2002 Daedalus edition, now out of print. With both its eros and its romance stemming from the same deep roots in human emotion, Carried Away is one of the most admired BDSM novels of all time, and this new edition fully delivers on the promise of Thom Magister’s hot new cover art and of the intriguing new “Foreword” by Laura Antoniou, best-selling author of The Marketplace and its sequels as well as the hilarious crime novel spoof The Killer Wore Leather.

Carried Away 2nd ed back cover


The original edition came out back in 2002 and was launched at IML that year.

This revised second edition is available NOW at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

For even more information about this book — plus the many other titles from david stein — click for Perfectbound Press.

Leather sex stories

For those who can’t get enough of bondage fiction, there’s Boots, Bondage, and Beatings — a collection of leathersex stories by david stein with illustrations by Axel

bbb front cover


Masters and slaves, tops and bottoms revel in boot worship, inventive erotic bondage, and dick-stiffening beatings with fists, belt, or whip. david stein’s first collection of short fiction features the same combination of realism, fetishistic detail, and romanticism that made his novel, Carried Away (Daedalus, 2002), so memorable. In fact, the stories include a sexy “outtake” from the novel as well as a new epilogue that fans of Carried Away won’t want to miss.


BBB and Carried Away are available from Perfectbound Press


Leathermen Paper Dudes

Wow, check out this book from Perfectbound Press:

Blue-Dude-5-web Green-Dude-1-web

Thom Magister’s four hot paper dudes enjoy wearing leather, denim, uniforms and fetish gear. Each dude has seven different outfits, including cop, cowboy and military styles — plus bondage accessories and more — to convey a particular look. That adds up to almost 50 different fantasies you can explore with their help!


You can purchase this at Amazon.

It is one of many offerings available from Perfectbound Press.

UPDATE:  David Stein of Perfectbound Press will be at the Rainbow Book Fair in NYC on Saturday, April 18, 2015, from noon to 6 pm.  It’s at the Holiday Inn on way west 57th Street. He’ll be selling his stuff there, along with fellow kink author Tim Brough.

Metalbond mail: A question about the real-life implications of slavery

Dear Metal,

Do you know of a resource Masters and potential slaves can access that talks about some of the FAQs on entering into a full-time position as a slave? In particular, something that might help a slave with health care, financial planning, release from slavery, immigration status issues, etc.? I often have subs who want full-time slavery under My control, but they fail to comprehend life beyond the sexual fantasy.


Metal responds,

Wow, that’s a very good question. I would start with an organization like Masters and slaves Together (MAsT), where you might find some helpful information:



There are also a couple of books out there that go beyond the “sexual fantasy” of slavery and talk about men living the lifestyle 24/7.

Dear Raven and Joshua by Raven Kaldera and his slave Joshua Tenpenny. These guys have been together more than 10 years and know what they’re talking about. It’s in Q&A format.



There’s also Ask the Man Who Owns Him by david stein with David Schachter. Unlike all other M/s books, this one gives you more than the opinions of one or two people; instead, it describes 16 different long-term M/s relationships, plus Mr. Schachter’s, in the participants’ own words.



Meet David Stein …

… and buy his books!

You can meet kinky gay BDSM author, editor, activist and publisher David Stein at the upcoming Rainbow Book Fair, to be held Saturday, March 29, at the Holiday Inn Midtown (West 57th between 9th and 10th) in New York City.

David is author of “Boots, Bondage and Beatings,” “Carried Away,” “Ask the Man Who Owns Him” and many other titles, and he is editor and publisher of several other books of interest to “guys like us” as well.

01_bbb-front-cover Ask-the-Man-front-cover CarriedAway David



For details on the Rainbow Book Fair, click here.

You can also get David’s stuff directly from Perfectbound Press, and also from Amazon.com.