Max Cameron gets tied up and water tortured


This is a video from 30 Minutes of Torment called ‘The Destruction of Max Cameron’

gay_bondage_max_cameron_02 gay_bondage_max_cameron_03 gay_bondage_max_cameron_04 gay_bondage_max_cameron_05 gay_bondage_max_cameron_06

Here is a preview of this video from 30 Minutes of Torment:

THE WALL – Chains hold Max Cameron against a wall while hard hands grip his balls, and batter his body. The open hand corporal is only the start of the torment to come. Max has yet to feel the hot wax about to coat his skin. THE PIT – Max is bound to two wooden pillars and mercilessly flogged. The intense flogging sends Max bent over in agony, leaving his ass open and ready for a visit from the fucksaw. THE WATER STATION – Max stands against a stone pillar, ready for more torment. First he feels the brutal intensity of the cane smacking against his body, before clover clamps clasp over his balls and nipples. All of it is foreplay leading up to the raw power from the blast of high-pressure water that crashes against him. The water blast leaves him demolished, with just enough strength left to blow his load.

gay_bondage_max_cameron_07 gay_bondage_max_cameron_08 gay_bondage_max_cameron_09

Title of this shoot: The Destruction of Max Cameron

Model in this shoot: Max Cameron

See the video here.

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