Metalbond mail

Some letters in the in-box recently:

Boi214 writes,

Hello Metal,

I am in search of some guidance. I am having trouble bringing up the topic of bondage to my boyfriend since we have had a bumpy road with the topic. I want to start incorporating it into the bedroom and need some help.

Metal responds,

Hey there, Boi214. You did not say whether you want to tie your boyfriend up, or if you want to get him to tie you up. You also said you have had a “bumpy road” with the topic. Did he have a bad experience at some point? Or maybe you brought up the topic but he said he is not into it? Perhaps he is totally vanilla, while you are kinky? Or maybe he is wildly turned on by bondage, in secret, but he has hang-ups or is afraid?

My advice would be wait for the right moment or opportunity and bring it up again. Tell him what turns you on and what you fantasize about. Also, encourage him to tell you about what HE fantasizes about, which might be completely different from what you might expect.

Show him the Metalbond site, especially if there are particular postings or stories that turn you on, and encourage him to do the same with what gets him going. My hunch is that between the two of you, you’ve got some hot sex fantasies that intersect and you can go absolutely wild at some point.


Callum writes,

I was just wondering how i can get in on this please as i absolutely love the site!!!

Metal responds,

Hey guy. How can you “get in on this”? Well you are in it, mister! But to get the full effect, you really should be locked in something — anything from a chain/padlock around your neck, to handcuffs or leg cuffs or even a chastity device — when looking at the Metalbond site! Or have someone else locked up, if that is what you are into.

Trust me, it’s much better that way.


Anonymous writes,

Hey Metal! You may be happy to know that I slept with my jailhouse locked on — wearing only my red UA boxerjock and my American leg cuffs.

Metal responds,

Good job, prisoner! And you set a good example for other readers of this site by getting into the spirit of things with the proper attire.


Chain writes,

I know I will be locked back up by June 3. Heading to a buddy’s for a weekend of bondage play. He always wants me locked. He likes seeing me locked up tight.

Maybe I will have a solution for long-term wear by then.

Until then, keep up the great work with your blog. It has been one of my nightly stalks for years. I do love reading the stories in the Prison Library.

Metal responds,

Thanks for the update, Chain! Please send more updates and pictures when you can.


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