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Urinal Gag Thoughts

By Nick Ensign

I’ve been trying to dream up a new perfect urinal gag. Please, know in advance that my design is what turns *me* on.

For me, the perfect design is one that starts out with no loss of urine. Every drop that is pissed into the gag must end up in the urinal’s stomach. Of course, not every owner or master (or casual pisser) wants the experience to be clean for the urinal. It is often necessary for the urinal to be pissed on or otherwise drenched with a good amount of urine so that it never forgets what it has become. Using a man as a urinal is an act of degradation so if the pisser needs to further degrade the urinal by pissing *on* it, the urinal gag should allow this to be easily done. This necessitates an open-topped cup design.

With no obstruction or effort, the pisser can move his stream from the cup to the face or body of the urinal. Most urinal gags on the market are already designed like this. Speaking for myself, the cup should resemble as much as possible an actual piece of plumbing so that both the pisser and the urinal get a clearer picture of the process.

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The Prisoner Fantasy

By Nick Ensign

I should have recognized him for what he was the moment I laid eyes on him. But you know how it is when a man — any man who fits your ‘type’ perfectly — can knock the sense right out of you. I was at Starbucks, catching up on some emails and Facebook messages, when he walked in with a few of his friends. His hair was cut back into a short flattop, maybe the sexiest haircut a man can wear, and his moustache was thick, dark, but not overgrown.

His companions sported short haircuts as well but didn’t catch my eye in the same way. One had upper arms so thick they stretched the hems of his sleeves, but the man I was eying had only a normal physique — that is, strong and hard but not over- or under-sized anywhere.

I should have folded my laptop at that point because I could no longer concentrate on my writing. I tried, but every few seconds my eyes darted furtively back to the flattop-ped man. I could see him generally eying the other patrons as well, and once or twice we locked eyes briefly with me flicking past as soon as I could as if I were only looking casually about the room.

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The C.O.

By Nick Ensign


I strode outside the prison entrance, towards my car, just as the lower rim of the sun touched the distant mountains. Evening, and I was off shift for 3 days. I stopped for a moment to watch the sun. In the California desert, the sun’s light ripples through the bands of rising heat. At this time, the cusp of evening, it is a fiery orange ball. I never get tired of this display. The sun may be doomed to repeat this performance for billions of years, but it is the most glorious sentence ever.

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My Chastity Challenge

By Nick Ensign

I bought this cage for myself last month, and it arrived on Christmas Eve. It’s very important to me that the chastity cage be all metal. I have been in a silicon birdlocked several times, but it doesn’t feel right and the plastic can stick to the skin at times. I was surprised at how comfortable this new cage turned out to be.

After spending Christmas Day testing it, on the day after Christmas I wriggled into it and snapped the lock on for the duration. To ensure that I was good, I then drove across town and gave all the keys to my keyholder. We agreed to leave it on for 4 days.

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