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The C.O.

By Nick Ensign


I strode outside the prison entrance, towards my car, just as the lower rim of the sun touched the distant mountains. Evening, and I was off shift for 3 days. I stopped for a moment to watch the sun. In the California desert, the sun’s light ripples through the bands of rising heat. At this time, the cusp of evening, it is a fiery orange ball. I never get tired of this display. The sun may be doomed to repeat this performance for billions of years, but it is the most glorious sentence ever.

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My Chastity Challenge

By Nick Ensign

I bought this cage for myself last month, and it arrived on Christmas Eve. It’s very important to me that the chastity cage be all metal. I have been in a silicon birdlocked several times, but it doesn’t feel right and the plastic can stick to the skin at times. I was surprised at how comfortable this new cage turned out to be.

After spending Christmas Day testing it, on the day after Christmas I wriggled into it and snapped the lock on for the duration. To ensure that I was good, I then drove across town and gave all the keys to my keyholder. We agreed to leave it on for 4 days.

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The Prisoner Fantasy

By Nick Ensign

I should have recognized him for what he was the moment I laid eyes on him. But you know how it is when a man — any man who fits your ‘type’ perfectly — can knock the sense right out of you. I was at Starbucks, catching up on some emails and Facebook messages, when he walked in with a few of his friends. His hair was cut back into a short flattop, maybe the sexiest haircut a man can wear, and his moustache was thick, dark, but not overgrown.

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