One Year – Part 26

By Taurus

Part 26 – “In the Real World”

It was day 345 out of 365, and Russell had just announced to James that he would be trained to pick up another set of skills.

“When you get back to the real world, you’ll have to deal with different things than you are now. That’s why I’m going to train you to behave well in public.”

And indeed Russell was right. He had to adapt to new people, new environments, new dynamics.

In any case, James spent 15 days (day 345 to 360) in the same routine. He would not have blindfolds or gags applied to him other than during submissive training, and he followed Russell everywhere he went, even if he now had no collar, and no leash.

All day, he would remain completely naked and silent (other than if asked questions), and forced to display his body proudly to other members of staff, who groped him all over. Whenever he came to a standstill, he was to kneel on the spot, eyes straight ahead, not looking at anything or anyone.

James’ meals were dealt with in the staff canteen, still eating the same food he had been eating for the past year, still within the same time limit of 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the workouts and the training continued as they did.

At night, however, James was not brought back to his cell. Instead, he was brought back to Russell’s room, where he would sleep on the floor, having to contort his body to fit into the space between pieces of furniture, all of which he was not allowed to use.

These days were unremarkable from James’ standpoint. He was used to living a life that was more disciplined than this, and he easily dealt with it.

“So long as I can please Master,” he thought.

However, the following 4 days were completely different. Instead of having to follow Russell around, the life he had to live was, without warning, suddenly devoid of his master.

“Slave, since you’re gonna be out in a few days, I’ll have to do some intensive paperwork and finalize the arrangements, so I can’t be with you. Someone else will do my job.”

And with that, Russell left James alone.

James was aware that this was training, for when his master could not be 100 percent present, which could be any time. But he, a slave, could never be anywhere under 100 percent present. He had to uphold his training, stay strong, remain calm, be a good boy.

Actually no. He had to grow stronger, and be a better boy.

Even without his master around.

He could not shout and scream and have panic attacks every other day. It made for one very romantic night, but it caused an extreme amount of stress on his master’s part, even if only for a day, something which still gives him guilt.

He also had to satisfy his temporary master, no matter how short of a timeframe he had.

Channelling his past experience as a businessman, James learnt everything he could about his master for now: the new master’s name was Dan, he liked slaves that maintained a small distance from him, thereby emphasising the difference in importance, he liked being serviced with extended blowjobs, he would always bring a chair for the handler sessions, and he had a shoulder injury in the past.

The routine went back to the one James had when he first arrived, but the handler sessions were modified. All of the talking was removed, and only servicing was left.

Quickly, James and Dan established an unspoken system, where James would kneel with his head hung until called upon, at which point he would nuzzle his stand-in master, paying attention to the shoulders. Then, he would spend the rest of the session either back in his corner, or giving a blowjob.

Initially fearing that his life would be hard, James braced for another panic attack, yet it never came. Even though he had no clue where his precious master was, he knew he was out there, making sure he was well. He was not suckling on his Master Russell, but he felt his presence in Sir Dan regardless.

On day 364, Dan stopped James from sucking him off.

“Slave, you’re such a good boy. Tell me how you did it.”

“I’m not sure what I did, sir.”

Dan pointed out his almost instant transition and adaptation to a new handler, and how committed he was when he serviced his new handler.

“Sir, Master Russell trained me to do everything I did. Serving you as much as I can is also serving him in a way.”

“Master Russell, huh?

“He’ll be back tomorrow. Our guidelines say we should always try to say that you’ve been a good slave, even if you’re a bit bratty, but I can honestly say that you’ve been good.

“Sleep tight, you’ll be discharged two days later.”

“Thank you, sir.”

With that, James’ cell was plunged, yet again, into pitch black.

Suddenly, his balls ached, and they reminded him that he had not cum in a full year of constant arousal, and as such were full to the brim. His saving grace was that his heart was about as full as well.

Feeling content with his performance, he slipped into a pleasant slumber – not overworked, not panicked, not chemically induced.

Just satisfying rest.

To be continued …

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