One Year – Part 27

By Taurus

Part 27 – “Pay Back”

Day 365 was the last day of James’ imprisonment in this crazy, crazy facility.

Hopefully, he thought, this would be a simple, no-frills, all round calm day.

It was none of that.

As he awoke, and the cell door opened, he heard the familiar rhythms and tones of Russell’s footsteps.

His master was back, with a small bag of toys.

James scrambled onto all fours and crawled over excitedly to greet his master, but was stopped.

“Stand up.”

As James slowly stood up, confused about the meaning of everything that was going on, Russell knelt.

In anticipation of James’ bewilderment, Russell shouted, “Stay still! Don’t move!”

Slowly, Russell shuffled his way to the centre of the cell on his knees.

“Trust me for what we’re about to do, okay?”

“Yes, Master!”

Now that Russell was closer, James saw what was around Russell’s neck – his own collar and leash, previously taken from him, over a necklace.

Before he could question what was happening, Russell removed a suede pouch from the shorts he was wearing and stripped entirely naked.

James could barely believe his eyes.

Where a cock that could rise to 6 inches originally was, now had a clear chastity cage in its place. It was nowhere near as small as James’, being 3 inches long instead of the nub on James’ crotch, but it was a cage nonetheless.

A cage worn by his master.

“Slave, I trust you to set me free after you play with me, alright?”

“Yes, Master.”

James knew this was another test. Russell wanted to see if he would exact revenge, for not allowing him to cum, and so he would simply have fun with his master. Not for payback, but for paying him back for all the fun he had.

“Slave, you will gag me and use the toys in the bag to play with me. When you’re done, you will blow a load into my ass. Inside that pouch by your feet is the key to my cage. Unlock me once everything is done.”

“Could I ask where the key for my paws is, Master?”

“Look around yourself.”

Even when in the position of a slave, Russell still exuded authority. He commanded respect, even when looking like the real slave next to him, who stood while he knelt.

James dug around in the bag of toys in search of a key, to no avail.

Defeated, James switched thought processes.

The key, whatever it looked like, would certainly be tiny. It would never be buried under dildos and plugs and nipple clamps and gags and towels and lube and a flogger, and not especially if each toy was individually packed up. It would get lost this way.

No, that would be stupid.

In a world without clothes, and without pockets, something as important as a key to a cock would be kept on the body.

On his master, perhaps?

Maintaining this train of thought, James returned to his master, still knelt, stark naked, eyes on the wall, arms behind the back.

The necklace caught his eye. And there it was.

The key to his fist mitts, and beside it, the key to his chastity cage.

“Please help me, Master, I can’t use my hands.”

Like a slave would, Russell obediently undid the necklace, and unlocked both the fist mitts and the chastity cage, finally replacing the necklace around his slave’s neck.

“I’m all yours, slave. This is my gift to you, the last one I can give you as your master.”

James circled behind his knelt master and took the leash in his hand, guiding him to the mattress, which was easier on the knees.

Circling back, James took his collared Master Russell in his arms.

“Master, I won’t do anything that’s difficult to take. I just wanna have some fun.”

Heeding his master’s command, James took the ball gag he recognised as the one typically used to keep him silent as he was walked to and from different facilities, and fastened it to Russell’s mouth.

Feeling slightly evil, and knowing that his master’s nipples were hardwired to his cock – now trapped, James retrieved a set of clamps from the bag of toys and applied them to Russell, but reducng the tightness so that they could be worn for a long time without being very painful, if at all painful for the more seasoned.

Russell started to drool before long, as he suckled on the ball in his mouth, squeezing and stretching his pecs to savour the clamps, and moaning from his attempting to get hard. He could not, obviously – the cage displayed his suffering as his cock strained painfully against the clear walls.

The final touch came in the form of the fist mitts that had just been removed from James’ hands.

“You like it, Master?”

“Yes, slave,” said Russell through his gag, to the best of his ability.

A slave playing with his master. What a world we live in.

Moving over to the bag of wonders again, he found a squirt bottle of lube and an anal plug, which he applied to himself. He paused for a moment to take in the tidal waves of pleasure he had not felt in a long, long time.

As he lathered the lube on his cock, he felt queasy, as if the cock was not his. He was confused; it was definitely connected to him, but it was as if it was reattached after being chopped off.

Or revived after dying.

Nevertheless, he focused on the task at hand – fucking his master.

Before he did so, he went ahead and checked on Russell, licking his drying lips and kissing everywhere else on the face.

“Ready, Master?”

“Yes, slave,” Russell attempted to say again.

Russell was directed to sit on James’ cock, like a dog, and hump until James could cum.

It had been a long time since he had put stuff into his ass. As a result, he struggled to get into a rhythm, but with help from his slave, he slowly got into a groove and fucked himself.

On James’ end, it felt weird. The plug in his ass almost felt more human than his own cock ramming into his master’s hungry hole. Every bit of contact was a sensory overload, and it was difficult to even build up the urge to cum.

He closed his eyes, recounted everything his master went through with him.

Soon, he found himself grabbing the leash and humping at the figure in front of him, having also gotten into the groove.

Russell was far from cumming. He was a top most of the time, and he was relatively new to this, but he was happy.

He paid the waterfall of drool running down his beard no mind. Neither did the nipple clamps that flapped around hurt anymore.

“So this is what James loves,” he thought.

Without warning, James blew his load – his year’s worth of pent up frustration and scalding hot love – into his Russell’s ass, striking whatever wall was on the other end.

HIS Russell.

Russell let out a long moan as he fell forward onto all fours, which prompted James to crawl forward – still fucking his master – and check on him.

It was at this moment James’ knee felt something wet.


His master was very much satisfied.

Pulling out, James went to the pouch Russell left on the floor, and undid all the bondage as promised, save the collar, which he had no key to.

“Master, you pissed yourself, I should -”

“No, let me.”

James watched in a corner as his master knelt over the mattress, plugging his own ass and wiping up his own piss with a leash around his neck.

He slapped his own face.

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