Outstanding Warrant

By putsjess

I woke up early on a Thursday morning in July. It was going to be a hot day, temps getting into the mid 90s. I was going to drive over to my boyfriend’s apartment and hang out for a bit before heading to a BBQ and possibly to the clubs. Now let me say, I wear Levi’s everyday. I was a little worried about the abnormally warm day, but my legs are like chicken legs and so keeping them covered is important to me. Plus I love having denim hug my legs and my bubble ass.

So I decide to pull out my favorite tight Levi’s 501 light wash button fly jeans, my white “wife beater” undershirt, my calf high white socks with the red Levi’s logo on them, my white chuck Taylor converse, white canvas belt with the red Levi’s logo all around and a seat belt style buckle, and a light blue shirt snap down shirt. As you can tell, I love Levi’s!

I slip on my wife beater, then pulled on my Levis (no underwear), and then I pulled on my socks. I also put on my snap down shirt. I tuck in my shirt, and then button up the fly of my tight Levis. I slip on my belt and buckle it tight. I then put on my white converse high tops. I like to roll up my Levis to highlight my shoes and socks. So I roll up my Levis to show my shoes and the socks Levis logo actually is right above the height of my converse so I roll up my Levi’s above that logo. I do a look in the mirror and notice my tight bulge and ass and give a thumbs up!

I head out to my car and as soon as I walk outside, the heat hits me. My car parked in the garage so at least it’s covered from the heat. I hop in the car and take off driving to my BFs apartment. I’m a block away from my BFs apartment and I notice red and blue lights in my rear view mirror. By the time I see it, I’m almost in front of my BFs building so I pull over right in front.

The officer gets out and walks up to my window. He says that I was doing a 45 in a 30 and asks for my license and registration. So I pass it to the officer and he heads back to his car. I text my BF and tell him I got pulled over and I’m out front. I see him in his window.

After about 30 min, the officer walks back. I crack my window because it’s hot out, and he says turn off my car and step out. My heart syncs because I don’t know what’s wrong. I roll up my window, and turn off my car. The officer starts pulling on my locked car handle and I unlock and open my car door. He asks me to walk back to the front of his car. He says he has some bad news. He says there is a warrant for my arrest in the neighboring county for missing a court date for a speeding ticket from two months ago. I said that I paid the ticket. He said it’s a bench warrant so I have to see the judge. I said, “ok, I will immediately contact them Monday morning.”

The officer replies that the warrant says I must be taken into custody immediately. He said he called the sheriff for the other county and they will come get me, but not until Monday morning and the earliest I can see the judge is Tuesday. I said, ok, should I go to the sheriff on Monday. The officer said no, I have to lock you up now. You will be locked up in our jail until Monday and I will be transferred to the neighboring county jail and housed there until Tuesday.

I get really nervous and start questioning the officer and he replies, “I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do. It isn’t up for debate. I have to lock you up. Hands behind your back.” He starts pulling out his handcuffs. I put my hands behind my back, and he locks on the handcuffs on each of my wrists and then double locks them. I then hear some additional rattling behind me. I turn around and it looks like he is pulling out a pair of smith and Wesson leg irons. He asks for my right leg. I ask what’s this. The officer replied and said that my warrant said I’m a flight risk so department policy is to lock on leg irons. The officer said “thanks for rolling up your jeans. Makes locking on the leg irons easier.” He locks the leg irons kind of tight and repeats it on my left leg. He double locks them both. I look down and the key holes were facing down and locked right above my converse, covering up my Levi’s logo on my socks. The officer pats me down, takes everything out of my pockets.

The officer walks me back to the back seat of his car. I stumble in my leg irons. The officer opens his front door, and hits a button and the doors unlock and he opens the back door. The inside of the back is completely enclosed with bars on the windows of the doors, back windows and plexiglass separator between the front and back. There were no handles on the doors to open the window or door. The seat is molded to hold someone comfortably handcuffed behind their back. He sits me in the seat and then buckles me in. The seatbelt buckle doesn’t have a button to release it. I guess the officer has to unlock it.

The officer shut my door, and then hit a button on his door and I heard the back doors lock. He shut his door and then typed in a code into door and I could hear his door lock. I’m locked in. By this point, my BF comes out and talks to the officer. I see them talking for several minutes. Then I see walking towards me. The officer walks to his door, types in a code, his door unlocks and he opens his door and rolls down the window next to me. He shuts his door and then types in his code and locks the door. He tells my BF that we can talk but that the car is locked and the bars are secured. The officer walks away to inventory my car. My BF pulls on the handle of the door unsuccessfully and then grabbed the bars and gave a little tug. He replied, “The officer said you will be locked up until Tuesday. On one hand I’m sad, but on the other, I’m very turned on. He said he will be at my court hearing. And walked away.” The officer walks back to the cop car, unlocks his door, rolls up my window, and then locks up the car.

After about an hour, the tow truck showed up, and then the officer walked back, unlocked up his door, and said, off we go!

We drive to the jail. It’s about a 30 minute drive. We pull up to the jail which is surrounded by a 12 foot double fence topped with razor wire and razor wire in between the fences along with an electric fence in between. We drive up to a massive gate. The officer scans his keycard and types in a code. Someone comes on the intercom, and he says “one male”. The gate slides open and the officer drives in. The gate behind us closes and the gate in front of us opens. We drive up to a garage door, but the officer says we need to walk into the sally port. So he gets out, unlocks my door, and opens it. The heat hits me.

He pushes a button inside the door frame of the car and I hear a click from the seat belt buckle and he takes off the seat belt. I step out of the car with the chain of my leg irons taught. I get out and he walks me over to a steel door. He scans his keycard and enters a code. After a minute a loud bang noise happens at the door. As soon as he pushes open the door, the same bang noise happens and a large bolt pops out from the door frame. It’s the door lock. After I step in, he slams the door shut. I look at the closed door and see a giant key hole and a card reader with a red light. We walk into the large garage sally port. We walk inside about 50 yards, stumbling on my leg irons.

There is a large steel sliding door that says “jail entry”. I get another quick pat down, the officer puts his gun in the gun locker, and then scans his keycard, enters a code and scans his fingerprint. After about a minute, the door makes a thud and then slides open. As soon as we enter, the door immediately starts to close and with a thunderous thud, it’s locked. We enter a room that has another sliding door with glass into the booking room, and there is a bench. I’m told to sit on the bench. There are two guards in the room and they were talking to the officer. Finally, a guard comes over and says, ok, time to get you booked. He has me stand up and face the wall. He gives a thorough pat down including feeling my bulge, my chest and all my pockets. The guard then says “I like how you rolled your jeans.” Then he tells the other guard, “let me replace his shackles and then we can check the rolls. Now I get some instructions from the guard.

“Ok, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to remove your handcuffs. Place your hands on your head and keep them there. Then kneel on the bench with your hands on your head.”

I do as instructed. It felt so good to have the handcuffs off. Then I feel him unlocking the leg irons. After he gets off the second leg iron, he then proceeds to lock on another pair of leg irons. He definitely replaced the shackles as he said he would. He then told me to turn around. He asked that I remove my belt, which I do. He asks for me to unbutton my fly. I told him I don’t have underwear on. He says fine. I proceed to unbutton my jeans. He looks around and says, button back up. He then asked for my hands on my head again. He comes back with a black nylon looking belt. He runs it through the belt loops of my Levis. Then he threads the belt thru the buckle, pulls it tight and closes it with a click. I look down at the buckle and it has a handcuff key hole. I ask if the belt is locked and the guard said yeah and the belt is made with Kevlar so it can’t be cut. I instantly get a hard on. Next he comes to me with some chains. He wraps the chains around my waist. It has handcuffs at the sides. He pulls the chain tight behind my back and I hear the click of a padlock. The guard then says the following:

“Before I lock up your hands, remove your shoes and put these slides on.” As he hands me an orange pair of sandals. I reach down and untie my converse. While I’m doing this, I’m touching the leg irons right above. I actually give them a tug. They are on nice and snug. The guard says “rule number 1 in jail, don’t mess with locks. I see you touching your shackles. I recommend you don’t do that.” I remove both my shoes and he grabs my hands and locks them in the awaiting cuffs at the side of the waist chain. “Now you won’t be able to grab the shackles” the guard says. I look down at my feet to slip them into the sandals. I love these socks because they also have a Levi’s logo on the top of my feet. The guard then unrolls my jeans to make sure there was nothing in the rolls and left them unrolled.

I’m grabbed by my arm and pulled towards the next sliding door. I stumble in my shackles and the guard tells me to get it together. I’m taken in front of the door, and the guard scans his keycard and enters his code and then touches his fingerprint on the reader. After a minute, the door unlocks and slides open. As soon as we walk through the door, it immediately starts to close and then locks. I notice the card reader for the two sliding doors has a keypad and fingerprint reader on both sides of the door. The guard sees me stare at it when we walk by, and he says “you can’t escape this jail. Most secure jail in the state.”

Inside the booking area, there are chairs in the middle of the room and the entire room is surrounded with jail cells. Besides the door to the the sally port, there are two other doors. One door is a steel door with no windows and it says “Jail” and the other door is a barred sliding door with a sign above it that says “Step up to door when your name is called”. The guard takes me to one of the cells and says they are understaffed so everyone must be locked in cells. They will release me when my time is ready. He said it will take 2-3 hours so make myself at home. He also said “your belt is locked. If you need it to be unlocked, press the intercom button and someone will unlock it through the handcuff slot, but they will stay there until it is relocked. Don’t tamper with your restraints. If your restraints are removed, or damaged, you will be charged with felony escape and higher security restraints will be locked on. All inmates must be in full restraints when outside their pod. Since your stay with us is until Monday, you will be locked up in solitary. In addition, you will be allowed to wear your street clothes the entire time. You will have to wear the locking belt.”

He then scans his keycard and enters his PIN and the door immediately unlocks with a thud. He opens the door and the bolt pops out from the door frame with another thud. I’m pushed in and he closes the door and I hear the bolt snap into place, locking me in. I walk over to the door and push on it. It doesn’t move. I walk over to the bench/bed in the cell and sit down. I look at my restraints. My handcuffs are snug. My waist chain is rather tight. My locked belt is a little too tight. I look at my shackled feet, and they are also snuggly locked around my socked ankles. I walk over to the mirror by the toilet, and turn around and I notice a heavy duty master padlock in the middle of my back, locking on my waist chain. The chain on my cuffs won’t let me reach in the back. I try to push down on the waist chain, but it’s tight enough that it doesn’t move. Even if it could, my bubble ass would prevent it from sliding down. I also notice I have a full on boner in my Levi’s. And I have to piss.

I walk over to the toilet, and start to attempt to unbutton my fly. The combination of my hands in cuffs, waist chain, locked belt, my boner and my tight Levi’s make this a challenge. After a few minutes, I get the buttons undone and pull out my cock. After pissing,, the real challenge begins. Buttoning up my fly. It took me a while but I got them all buttoned. Now I wait. I walk around in my cell. Play with my restraints. I notice across the room from me a young guy locked in a cell. He’s wearing skinny Levi’s, red shirt tucked in and in restraints like I am. He has no socks and the leg irons are locked over his Levi’s. He is pacing in his cell also. I sit down and wait.

After a little bit, a guard walks over and unlocks my cell with his card and pin. He tells me to walk over to the grill gate. I do as I’m told, and I stand in front of it. After a few minutes, it makes a thud and then quickly slides into the wall. I step inside and it immediately closes behind me. I turn around and right before it’s fully closed, it quickly slows down and gently closes into place and then a thud locks it. The officer calls me over. I sit down and answer what felt like 100 questions. Then picture. Then fingerprints. He tells me to report to my cell so I stand in front of the barred sliding door and after a minute it opens with a thud and I walk to my cell where the door was left open. The officer yells at me to close my door. So now I have to lock myself in. I do as I’m told and the door locks into place. I lay down and believe it or not doze off.

I wake up to my cell door unlocking. The guard tells me it’s time to go into the jail. I ask how long it has been, and he says four hours. He tells me to line up in front of the jail door. There are three other guys there already including the cute young guy in Levi’s. He tells me to stand next to him. I lock eyes on him and he gives me the full body exam. I hear some chain rattling behind us. The guard walks in between us and grabs my leg next to the guy. He locks on another leg iron, this time over my levis. He then locks the other leg iron cuff onto the cute guys leg next to me, also locked over his levis. We are chained together. After the guys behind us are shackled together, the guard scans his keycard, enter his pin and presses his fingerprint on the reader. After a min, the door unlocks and slides open. We enter. We both stumble. I grab him, he grabs me. The guard tells us to walk.

Eventually we get into a walking cadence together. The door we entered closes and locks with a loud thud. We walk a long hallway going through a few locked doors. We get to an elevator. The guard uses his keycard and presses the button. The elevator arrives and we enter and are told to face the back wall. The other guys went down another hallway so they didn’t go into the elevator with us.

In the elevator, the door closes and sounds like the doors lock closed. I hear the beep of the guards keycard and after a min or two, the elevator starts moving. After what felt like a while, the elevator stopped, I heard the beep of a card reader and the doors opened. We walked out, down a hallway through more locked doors and then we get to the pod. It has a steel door, no windows. “Solidarity lock up, limited entry” is stenciled on the door. The guard scans his card and places his finger on the fingerprint reader. A metallic bang noise is heard and the door slides open. We enter into a small room with another steel door in front of us. The first sliding door slides closed, ending with the metallic bang noise letting us know it’s locked. The door in front of us is a metal swing door with no windows. Eventually that door unlocks and the guards push us into the pod. Inside the pod, there are a few benches, and about ten steel cell doors on one floor. It’s dimly lite. There is a shower room off the main pod and another door that says “Rec” on it. All the doors have two card readers, both are red on all the doors except one where they are both green.

After a minute, we are both told to go to that cell. We enter and they scan one of the readers and a metal barred sliding gate comes out from the wall. It moves fast and then before completely closing, it stops and then moves slowly into its final place. After a half a second of being closed, there’s a very loud metallic bang noise, locking it in place.

The guards then told us that they need permission from the warden to remove our restraints so it may be a little bit. They said if we need our belts unlocked to press the intercom button on the wall. They then close the big steel door to the cell. As it was closing, I noticed two big bolts protruding from the door frame, one about a third of the way from the bottom of the door and the other a third of the way from the top. The door closes and I hear both bolts snap into place. I walk over to the steel bar gate and give it a tug and it doesn’t move at all.

I turn to the cute guy I’m locked in with. He has a massive boner in his skinny levis. He walks over to the bed but his shackles didn’t let him move there because he’s locked to me. He asks if we can move to the bed to sit down. I said sure so I walk over to the bed and sit down and he sits down next to me. He tells me his name is Matt. He’s gay and thinks I’m hot.

He asks if we can lay down. He lays down on on his side on the bed first and I lay in front of him in a spoon position. He starts rubbing my ass and reaches his cuffed hands in front to my bulge before his waist chain stops his hand. He says “fucking cuffs”. He starts thrusting his hard dick in my denim covered ass. I can hear our waist chains tapping. He pulls at my padlock. “You are locked tight like me”. I turn around to face him. He grabs my hard dick through my tight jeans. He says “I just want to unbutton these sexy jeans.”

I ask him what he’s in for. He said open warrant. He was at a club last night and was really drunk and got arrest for public intoxication and had an open warrant in the same county I was in. He’s been locked up since 2am. I asked about his Levi’s and he said he always wears Levi’s. I told him same. He said I’m really hot. I told him same. He unbuttons his fly and pulls out his massive, rock hard dick. He starts to make out with me. He starts stroking his dick and it is throbbing. After a few strokes he starts moaning and then with a forceful throb, it pushes out so much cum, it sprays all over my button fly. He lays there for a minute holding his dick. Then we hear our door unlock.

He quickly stuffs his still erect penis into his tight 501s and only buttons one button in his fly. The front of my Levi’s are covered in cum. We are ordered to kneel on our bed. The leg irons chain connecting us was twisted around my legs so we struggled. The guard said, “what’s going on in here. I think you both need to be locked in the restraint chair. He unlocks the leg irons cuff connected to Matt and leaves the cuff on me locked. I get pulled out of the cell and they close and lock the sliding barred door to lock Matt in while I get locked in the chair. A restraint chair is being rolled over. I’m pushed into the chair. The guard says “we have a bunch of pervs it seems.”

He takes the lap belt and puts it over my crotch and inserts the strap into the locking device. There should straps are put over my shoulders and under my arm pits and pulled tight, pulling me into the back of the chair. I hear a click as the straps are locked. My right hand is unlocked from the waist chain cuff and my arm is pulled thru a looped strap on the arm rest and an awaiting handcuff is locked on my wrist. The handcuff is locked to the chair and prevents me from pulling my arm back out of the strap. The strap is pulled tight around my arm and locked. The same is repeated on my left arm.

After that, my legs are strapped in and locked. Finally, the lap belt gets a very strong tug and then locked. The strap pressed against my erect penis in my cum covered Levi’s. I’m still wearing the tightly locked waist chain, leg irons and locking belt and the one cuffed leg irons that was connecting us. They unlock the barred sliding door and pull out matt and wheel me in and they close and lock the sliding barred door while they lock Matt in the restraint chair. He starts to fight the guards. He tries to kick one to be stopped by his locked leg irons. He strains against his waist chain and cuffs. The guards quickly get him on the guard. A guard on his legs pull out a taser and puts it on his Levi’s covered ass. I hear the taser start clicking.

Matt’s legs spread open as far as the locked leg irons allow and shake. After a two second burst it stops. Matt cries out to stop and says he will stop resisting. After a few minutes, they pull him up and put him in the restraint chair and start strapping him in. Each strap pulled extra tight and securely locked. After a few minutes, he is locked in the chair. He looks exhausted and tired. They wheel him into our cell first unlocking the sliding barred door pushing him in facing me and then closing it and the steel door.

Matt squirms against the locked straps of the chair. He said he’s really tired and that the stun gun hurt. He then says “I guess we just have to submit to being locked up.” We chatted while we were locked up. Matt shared with me he’s been locked up a few times for dui’s and driving on a suspended license. He said he’s been locked in a restraint chair before. He said they will unlock us in one hour. I could see a few of the undid buttons on his fly.

We eventually hear the two doors unlocking and opening. They wheel us both out of the cell. They start you unlock our straps. They secured our hands to our waist chain cuffs. They then helped us out of our chairs. They sat us down in the benches in the day room. They told us the rules:

“While we are locked up here, we will be kept in our locking belt. If we need it unlocked for bathroom use, press the intercom button in our cell and they will eventually come to unlock it. They will wait there until we are finished and relock the belt. We will be required to wear restraints (leg irons and waist chains) anytime we leave the cell. This includes our one hour of rec time and one hour of day room time. Outside of that, we will be locked in our cell. Our jeans must be buttoned at all times unless using the bathroom. No sex, locking belt should help prevent that. No tampering with restraints and locks. Our rec time we will be locked together in a cage in the secure courtyard.”

We remained cuffed because we were in our one hour day room time. We can watch tv. Minimal talking. We will be the only ones out. When our time is up, our cell door will unlock and we are to enter the cell. The sliding barred door will close automatically.

The guards left us alone. We hung out watching an old series of friends. What didn’t seem like an hour, I heard the very loud thud of our steel cell door. The keypad turned green. Matt said, “ugh, time to go.” He walked over to our door and opened the steel door. The locking bolts then popped out of door frame ready to lock the door when it’s time to be closed. Matt entered the cell. I take my time getting up. Over a speaker in the day room, I hear “you better hurry, u have one second before the door closes.” I walk over as fast as my leg irons allow before I see the barred sliding door start to close. Remember, I also have one cuff of a set of leg irons locked on me too.

The door moves really fast and then stops an inch before closing where it gently moves into final place. After a half second of being closed, a loud thud is heard and the card reader turns bright red. Fuck. Matt has a concerned look. He tried stopping the door from closing but the force is way more than he could handle. He tugs at the door but it doesn’t even move a milimeter. I told him his fly is still undone. With a panic, he starts buttoning his fly quickly. He manages to get all his buttons done and his bulge starts to grow as does mine.

A minute later, two guards come into the day room. “Why aren’t you locked in your cell? Are you defying orders? Is this an escape attempt?” They have their tasers in hand. I reply “I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize how much time I had. Please. I’m sorry. I will go in if you unlock the door for me.” The guard says “this may require restraint chair time again.” I plead with them. “Please don’t lock me in the chair.” A guard comes up behind me and I feel a taser on my levi covered ass. I start to whimper. The guards have me sit on the bench.

They walk over to Matt. They start unlocking his cuffs and leg irons and waist chain thru a slot in the barred door. Then they turn to me. “What should we do with you?” I reply stupidly “I will gladly stay locked in my restraints in the cell.” The guards smile. “Sounds perfect”. They tell Matt to stand back. They scan their key card and enter their pin to unlock the barred door. While that was happening, the extra leg irons that was used to lock me with Matt was removed. The guard who removed it entered the cell and proceeded to lock it on Matt saying “you will get leg irons for your friends mistake.” The leg irons were locked over his socks and his tight jeans pants leg fell on top the leg irons.

After that, I was told to enter and both doors were closed and locked. Matt was so mad at me. He didn’t want leg irons locked on. He proceeded to unbutton his fly and jump to the top bunk bed with his shackled feet dangling in front of me. I grabbed the chain of his leg irons. I told him my time to blow my load on him. He said fine.

He jumps down to my bunk and he lays on his side in front of me. I start rubbing my hands down his tight Levi’s. I reach around to his front and his dick is hanging out his unbuttoned fly. It’s very erect. I lean up and wanted to play with his leg irons. They are locked on him tight and are double locked. He tells me to try to remove them. I give them a tug and they don’t move. Even though he was mad about getting shackled, it clearly turned him on. I continued to rub his sock covered feet and his shackles. I notice his dick is throbbing.

I lay down and start pushing my denim covered dick against his ass. A wet spot emerges on my Levi’s. I unbutton my fly and pull out my erect penis. I start pushing my penis against his denim covered ass. I reach around him as far as my restraints will allow and grab his penis. I put my legs around his legs, as much as my leg irons would allow. I start deep long thrusts pull his entire body towards mine. After the third time, the rush of endorphins hit me and an explosion of cum is released. It’s all over the back of his Levi’s. He then proceeded to cum with a load moan. He turns around and we hold each other with our still erect penises touch into out of our unbuttoned flies. We fall asleep.

We are awakened to some noise in the day room. Matt springs up out of my bed and begins to quickly button up. He yells at me to do the same. We both get buttoned up as the bolts to our door unlocks and opens. Two guards are standing there with restraints for Matt. The guard says “Rec time”

The barred door unlocks and Matt gets chained up in a waist chain. With cuffs at the side but it also has a chain in the front that connects to some leg irons. The guard says “he’s already locked in shackles. Should we remove them?” The other guard said “no, just lock those shackles above them over his jeans.” As quickly as he said it, I hear the sound of leg irons locking. Matt asked why two pairs of leg irons. Guard tells him to shut up. The guard grabs a smaller padlock and pulls the chain connecting the waist chain and the leg irons and makes it shorter. So short it pulls the leg irons chain upwards, reducing his steps. Matt protests again. The guard tells him to shut up or he will live in these restraints. I get pulled out of the cell and they check my restraints. They actually unlock the double lock of my leg irons, click them both one notch tighter and redouble lock them.

We are both escorted to a door that had “rec” stenciled on it. They scan their keycard and enter a pin and do their finger print. The door unlocks and slides open revealing a large open room with two story high walls, surrounded completely with razor wire, huge steel bars across the ceiling and a steel mesh on top of that. In the room are steel cages about the size of two cells. There are about five cages and they were all empty. They make a radio call and I hear a buzzing noise at the gate to the cage and they pull open the gate. The buzzing stops. They tell us enter. We enter slowly. They close the gate and the lock makes another buzzing sound for a second. Matt pushes on the gate and it’s locked.

The cages are covered in steel mesh. No escaping. Matt goes and sits in a corner and sits Indian style. His restraints allow him to sit that way. I followed him and did the same. We sat there for about an hour when the guards returned to take us back inside to our cell. The gate buzzed for a second and the guards opened it and escorted us back to our cell. They removed all our restraints and locked us in. We really didn’t have concept of time. We did get three meals a day but always locked in our cell. Except for that hour of rec time. They would unlock our belts if we needed it.

Matt and I were sleeping when we heard our door unlock. It was a guard from the jail and two big guards from the county we are being transported to. They call Matts name.  He hops down, and walks out of the cell. The barred sliding door closes and locks. I stand at the door and watch. Matt is at the bench in front of our cell door. They tell him to kneel on the bench and hands on top his head. He complies. They dig into a box and rattling chains and pull out leg irons. These leg irons weren’t normal leg irons. They had massive key holes where the normal handcuff key goes that sticks out of the shackle. It requires a big key! They lock each shackle on his ankle. They insert the key and do a quarter turn to double lock each cuff. At this point, my bulge is showing and my erect dick is showing.

After the leg irons were secured over his socks and locked snug against his ankles, a chain was pulled out. It had a Martin link on the chain. They wrapped the chain around him, and thru the belt loops of his jeans. They have him step of the bench and with his hands still on his head and a chain dangling from his waist, a pair of handcuffs came out with the same large keyholes over the cuffs. They were locked on. Then an orange box came out that fit over the cuffs and seemed perfectly designed “black box” to fit over these cuffs with a large keyholes. They put the box over his cuffs, close it and put the metal clip over the box to lock it.

They then took the waist chain, inserted the Martin link thru the chain making the waist chain really tight. Matt complained. The guards ignored him. They then push the Martin link thru the hole in the cuff box. The hole was also in the metal clip so now the metal clip couldn’t be removed. The box would be locked on. Then excess chain was inserted thru the Martin link which locked the box and kept the Martin link from being removed. The excess chain was ran under Matt’s crotch and brought to his back, where with a tight pull, the excess chain pushed against his erect penis in his jeans. A wet spot emerged and he slightly convulsed. He ejaculated in his jeans.

They pulled the chain tighter and took a large padlock and locked the excess chain to his waist chain in back. At this time, I proceed to cum in my jeans know that will be my fate and I pumped what felt like the most cum ever into my 501s creating a large wet spot. They do one more check of Matt’s restraints, and they start walking him out of the Day room.

They come for me. My cell door unlocks. They chain me up exactly like Matt. The excess chain thru my crotch went right up my ass crack. It felt good. After I’m all chained up, they walk me thru all the locked doors that had been securing us. It took about 15 minutes to walk thru all the locked doors to the sally port to a van waiting. They unlock the van door and a steel cage door and there’s Matt, chained up and strapped in the van. I climb in and they buckle me in with two chest straps, a waist strap and a strap across my ankles. The straps were locked with a special key. They lock us in the van and after a few minutes, they start driving us.

It took a solid 2.5 hours to get to the other jail. The little slit outside was still dark but the sun was starting to come up. We get to the other jail, and they unlock the doors and unlock our straps. We are locked inside a sally port. We walk thru two large sliding doors. They open with a radio call to central control. They pat us down, and make us sit in booking still chained up. After a few hours, they call our name and we are escorted into the jail. They tell us that normally we would goto solitary but it’s full so we are going general but would remain locked in our cells until tomorrow morning for court. We get to the pod with all the cells. There are two interlocking doors into the pod. We entered the first door, and it closes and locks. They proceed to unlock our restraints and chains finally. After we are unlocked, there is a voice on the intercom for the inmates to return to their cells. While we were being unchained, the inmates were watching closely. The inmates goto their cells. The second door to the pod unlocks and slides open.

We walk to a cell and enter it together. The door makes a hissing sound and slowly closes and once closed loudly locks into place. The guard closes the handcuff slot which is now locked. After a few minutes, the inmates start filtering out as their cell doors open. They all come over to our door. They are yelling at us. Wanting us to give them our jeans and socks. They start banging on small glass on the cell door. One guy starts trying to open our door. With all his might, starts try to pull the door open. It doesn’t budge. After a few minutes of this, there’s yelling in the pod to get on the ground. We didn’t know if it applied to us so we watched out the window in the door. They started putting leg irons on everyone and putting them in their cells. Then we got yelled at to get on the ground. We complied. After several minutes, our cell door unlocked and opened and we were both shackled with leg irons. They left our cell and locked our door.

We both got up and immediately checked our leg irons. They were the same high security type as our transport. We inspected them closely. The keyholes said medeco which is a super high security key Technology. After a few minutes, a voice came on the intercom: “lock down for 24 hours. Leg irons restraints remain secured for the duration”. Fuck we thought. We spent the day chatting, and eventually we 69ed each other with our dicks hanging out our unbuttoned flies. We still had our locking belts. I blew my load in his mouth while he blew his load on my face while I was grabbing his leg irons chain. We eventually fell asleep and knew tomorrow was the big day in court.

We were awoken to the sound of our cell door opening. It was still dark out. They locked us both in chains exactly like our transport a day earlier. Our leg irons were already locked on so that was one less thing they had to do. After being chained up, we were walked thru the locked doors of the jail back to the sallyport into the same van to be driven to court. We got to court as the sun was coming up. We got unlocked and unstrapped from the van and taking into another set of interlocking doors. From there we walked down a long hall and then to another locked door that says “holding”. It was unlocked and we were taken to a row of one person holding cages. Two doors were unlocked and Matt and I went into each and the doors automatically slid closed and buzzed. There was just enough room to stand and sit on the bench.

Couldn’t do anything else. If you needed to use the bathroom, u needed a guards attention to let you out and go to the bathroom which is what I had to do twice. They gave us breakfast and lunch. My court time was 1pm and Matts at 2pm. My cage door buzzed and slid open. I walked out and was escorted out of the holding area, thru a set of interlocking doors and down a back hallway. We get to a door that says “courtroom 5”. He scans a keycard and the door buzzed and he opened it. I was brought in and there was a glass enclosed holding room. The guard scanned his keycard and entered a pin and the door buzzed and he opened it and led me in and closed the door. There was no handle or keyhole in the door inside. Just a bench and I could hear what was discussed. I was the only inmate. Everyone else was in the seating area for traffic stuff. I scanned the audience and saw my boyfriend. He’s wearing his tight medium stonewash 501s. He’s already got a wet spot.

The court went thru all the traffic cases. Took over an hour. Then my name was called. They unlocked the holding room door and I walked out into the court room. This is where my bf got to see my restraints and my dirty Levi’s. The judge asked why I didn’t appear. I told him I just completely forgot and I totally intended to appear. The judge looked at me. He then said, it says here you been in Custody for the last few days. I replied “yes sir”. He asked how was it. I lied and said “terrible sir”. He said “ok, here’s the deal. Do you have someone here who can pay the $300 but 5pm today?” I replied yes and turned to my bf and pointed as best as I could in my restraints. The judge told my bf, get the money, pay the clerk before 5pm and I will release him from the jail at 8pm tonight. If not, he will be remanded for 30 days in the jail. They judge said if it’s paid up, I will be at the jail release at 8pm.

The judge slams the gavel and I’m taken to the door to the back hallway. I look back at my bf and he nods at me and I’m taken thru the locked door to the back hallway and it closes. While I’m walking back, I see Matt inside the interlocking doors. The last door opened and Matt walks out and then we enter. We aren’t allowed to talk. He winks at me. I go back to the cell and wait.

Matt comes back and is the last so they unlock my cell and take us to the van to go back to jail. In the van, Matt tells me he got 30 days in jail. I told him I will have 30 days if my bf can’t get the money by 5pm. He looks kind of sad about it.

We get to the jail, it’s 4pm. I ask if I will be released. They said they don’t know. Matt and I get put in a holding cell still chained up. Then at 5pm a guard unlocks the cell door and says the release papers came from court and I will be released at 8pm. I will remain shackled until that time. Matt was told his release date. 30 days from today. They asked him if he is wearing underwear. He said no. They said they don’t have any underwear and it’s required so he would need to wear his jeans and locking belt for the duration and an orange jumpsuit over his jeans. He said fine.

I got an instant hard on in my jeans and it was pressing against my crotch chain of the restraints. They unlocked his restraints. Gave him an orange jumpsuit that was a little tight. Since his jeans were tight, it wasn’t hard pulling them on. He snapped up the jumpsuit and they locked on normal leg irons and a waist chain with cuffs in front. Matt said bye and I told him I would pick him up. He said thanks. He left and they closed my cell door and took him into the jail to be locked up. I then blew my load in my Levi’s.

At 7:30pm, they came and got me and escorted me to a door that said “release”. He radioed something and the door unlocked and he pushed it open. It opened into a large room with a bench, large windows to a public waiting area and a large steel door. The guard said he will unlock my restraints at 8pm. Until that time and I walk out that door, I’m still an inmate. Don’t tamper with locks and your restraints. My bf was sitting in the room and saw me enter chained up. I waved to him. He stared at me for the 30 min. At 8pm exactly, he told me to stand up and turn around. He started unlocking the padlock. It took a few tries of different keys before it popped open. He pulled the chain in front, removed it from the Martin link, pulled my arms out of the waist chain Martin link and it all came undone. They removed the waist chain from my belt loops.

He took off the box and unlocked the high security handcuffs. He then unlocked my locking belt and gave me my older seat belt style belt back. I ran the belt thru my the belt loops and buckled it with a loud click. All that was left was my leg irons. He told me to kneel and the bench. I did so and he tried to unlock them with the key he had but they wouldn’t unlock. So he said he had the wrong key and would be right back. He left with the key number etched on the leg irons. He gave me my white converse shoes and when he left, I slipped them on and had to put the shoe string back on them. I did it with the leg irons still locked on.

I gave the leg irons a little tug, and admired their security being locked securely around my ankles and Levi’s socks. I also rolled the bottom of my jeans to show off my Levi’s socks and my white converse. By the time I got my shoes restrung and tied up, he came back with a new key. He had me kneel again on the bench. He inserted it in the lock and it unlocked them. After the leg irons were removed, he handed me a bag of my belongs and walked in front of the door. He made a radio call and the door made a loud buzz noise. I pushed on the door and alas, freedom.

My bf was so excited. He made out with me and tells me he can’t believe how locked up I was as we walked to the car. I looked down at his button fly and noticed a huge wet spot. He came while watching me. He asked if I wore these jeans the entire time, I told him yes. Once we got in the car, he leaned over, unbuttoned my jeans and gave me a blow job. After he finished, I told him “I have a lot to tell you.”

30 days later, I drove out to the jail to pick up Matt! I got there an hour early and sat down in that same room my bf waiting for my release. 30 minutes before his scheduled release, he entered the holding room. He was in restraints, a gray t-shirt, his Levi’s and his socked feet. He had normal leg irons and a waist chain with cuffs in front. He was still wearing the locking belt. He sat down and when he looked at me, he had a big smile.

I walked up to the bullet proof glass and stared at him. The officer escorting him had a bag of Matt’s things. He handed him his black Nike shoes. And a couple of other items. He made Matt sign for the items. The officer left the holding room, leaving Matt still locked in restraints on the bench. Matt mouthed to me that he’s happy to see me. After a few minutes, the officer came back into the room and unlocked Matt’s hands from his waist chain restraints. He then slip on his black Nikes. He had to restring his shoes as the shoes laces were removed. His hand kept hitting his locked leg irons. He occasionally would push them up against his socks.

After both shoes were put on and tied, he stood up, and his hands on his head, and the guard unlocked the padlock on his waist chain and removed the chain. He had him sit down while the guard took the chains into the box and reviewed his paperwork. Then at exactly 6pm, Matt got up, and walked over to the locked door into the waiting area. He then put his hands against the door. As he did that, I could see the door push against the locking bolt which doesn’t move. Matt lifts one ankle behind him, and the guard reaches down and unlocks the leg irons cuff. Repeats the same on the other leg. The guard then unlocks Matt’s belt and hands him his black leather double prong belt. He puts it on and buckles it tight.

Then Matt stands back from the door. The guard makes a radio call. After about two minutes, the door lock makes a super loud buzzing noise for about ten seconds and then stops. Matt walks to the door and pushes on the door. This time the door opens and the door makes a loud click as the locking bolt pops out of the door frame, ready to relock the door once it closes. Matt walks out to freedom. He runs over to me and gives me a big hug. I have feel his erect penis press against mine in my 501s.

We walk to my car. On the journey home he tells me his 30 days in lock up. He was alone for most of it. His Levi’s have been on for the entire time except once a week to shower. He had leg irons on anytime out of his cell. For the shower, he would get locked in a cell which had a shower and they would unlock his cuffs, belt and leg irons.

I told him we would goto my apartment and spend the night before taking him home. When we got to my apartment, and walked up to the security door, he asked for me to blow him. I said I got something better. I scanned my keycard at the security door and it unlocked and I pushed him inside. We walk upstairs to my apartment, unlock the door and my bf is standing there in his 501s. Matt asks “who is this?” I said “my boyfriend”. Matt looked at me with shock and nervousness. I told him, “he knows everything. Time to get you some fun.”

My boyfriend proceeds to grab three sets of leg irons, and locks them on all of us. He then proceeds to take three waist chains with attached cuffs in front and padlocks them all on each of us. We cuff our hands in the restraints. He takes our keys and puts them in a time lock safe and enters 4 hours and closes it. It makes a hmm noise of the locking bolts sliding into place and then a countdown begins. Matt looks shocked. We proceed into the bedroom and the three of us engage in the hottest sex ever in our restraints and 501s. We all feel asleep locked in our restraints spooning each other.

The next morning, we wake up, unlock our restraints, keeping Matt in the leg irons. I rip open his button fly and give him a big blow job. He proceeds to cum in my mouth and he erupts with his dick making large throbs and his body convulsing. We button up his fly and buckle his belt, unlock his leg irons. I walk him downstairs and drive him to his friends apartment. He looks at me and says “thank you” and gives me a hug. He gets out of my car and we never met up again.

Metal would like to thank putsjess for this story and welcome him to the Prison Library!

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