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Padded Cell Inmate: THE VIDEO

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Many readers of the Metalbond website will no doubt recall the Padded Cell Inmate and his 19-day ordeal that was extensively documented — in postings, comments and plenty of photographs — here on Metalbond. That’s right, the straitjacketed and hooded Inmate shown here was locked up by The Warden in a padded cell for 19 days nonstop. (If you missed any of the original postings here on Metalbond, or click on the tag for Padded Cell Inmate, below.)

After this series appeared, VIDEO DOCUMENTATION of this most serious of bondage scenes was subsequently added to the many, many offerings at the Serious Male Bondage subscription-based site.

Padded Cell Inmate: THE VIDEO


To read much more about the 19 days in a padded cell, click here

To see the VIDEO, go to Serious Male Bondage

Title of the video: 19 DAYS

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