Pictures and video: Jared is racked and whipped

It just keeps getting better and better at Dream Boy Bondage. See below for a free, high-def video clip of Jared, who is hot as fuck. In this shoot, Jared is stretched to the max on the rack as his back and ass are brutally flogged, every muscle taut and bulging:

dream_boy_bondage_jared_01 dream_boy_bondage_jared_02 dream_boy_bondage_jared_03 dream_boy_bondage_jared_04


After hours on his back, his balls stretched almost to the ripping point, with electric current running through his lean body for minutes at a time, Jared is now laid on the rack, face down, his beautiful ass and back vulnerable and ready for the whip. He knows he will be brutally flogged. He knows he will be stretched to his breaking point. What he doesn’t know is that he will be whipped and stretched at the same time – and then left in total agony overnight.

Here is a free video clip — and be sure to click to watch this in hi-res mode:


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