Pleroma – Part 03

By Taurus

Part 3 – trainingprogram19_beta-v1.9_28/01/20XX

(Author’s note: As a clarification born from possible misunderstandings arising from the anonymity of the year, please note that the timestamp for trainingprogram19 is before that of streetfair1 and clubslave1.)

Luke, having come home from an after-hours training routine and a Wagyu steak dinner at a top Japanese restaurant, yawned and stretched before summoning his robot butler.

“Good evening, sir. How may Ondine help?”

“Take my clothes.”

Despite being given the decidedly female name Ondine, after the eponymous siren in Bertrand’s Gaspard de la Nuit, Ondine had a male voice.

Apparently, this Ondine was not out to seduce and kill, which was fortunate for Luke. Instead, Ondine, its cybernetic thinking devoid of judgement, assisted Luke in removing his full suit and tie, and before long, Luke could stand completely naked –

Well…naked except for the “you-know-what,” as colloquially known in “right-thinking” circles that speak in circles and formalities.

Luke looked down at his chastity cage, surprised at how comfortably it fit.

That was a mistake – the looking, this would mean.

Having just come down from an endorphin rush that was his night workout, he was incredibly aroused, and he had nothing he could do. Even muted amateur porn videos of a seemingly emotionless twink – who looked like they took meds to look that thin – jerking out a load as small as if they had just cum an hour before filming became incredibly taunting.

After all, Luke, with his muscles over which the entire city fawned and drooled, now had no more manhood.

It had been (only) two weeks since he experienced Bruno’s ownership, with the word “only” in brackets for very good reasons.

On one hand time felt like it was flying; the effect of being focused on work that people on chastity blogs talked about seemed to happen to Luke as well. In his case, he felt like he was being more efficient, whether it was with physical work like training, or with mental work like helping with accounting. That was, as long as his jock strap was tight enough to hold his dangling bits in place.

On the other hand, time was crawling and his pains were torturous.

Somehow, after he got locked, more people ordered full nudity private classes, to the point where there were a few days in which working in the gym premises became impossible. He lost a few VIP clients, but gained more than he lost.

Naturally, he could not get anywhere close to cumming with surface-level stimulation (or touching, as it is more commonly known as), but it sure got him moaning and future private bookings. He was transitioning from being the founding boss to being a mascot for his gym; his prize-winning body was front and centre on all the advertising, but he would only be able to briefly appear in person at select times of day.

Nevertheless, he was getting more and more frustrated.

“Ondine, I’m writing a hiring notice. But get me some toys I can use.



“Sir, would you like me to clean you up?”

“No,” Luke shook his head, having stuffed his ass with a small training dildo as he wrote his job listing.

White the author will spare you the mundane details of work qualifications and passion for work and wages – all of which were admittedly attractive, especially considering the fact that the equally attractive boss had a practically nude dress code when he does appear – I will tell you that Luke quickly got bored of the very small dildo, eventually using it as if it were a purpose-made plug.

“Fuck this…”


The time Luke arranged indicated some madness; 5 am. That said, Matt seemed as if all was according to his planning.

“You called me just at the right time; you can test out a new program for me. It’s a training program, for a fucking machine.”

Eagerly, Luke strapped himself onto the chair, which gave Matt some pause, seeing as he had objected to the bondage last time.

“I thought…uh…the shackles -”

“- are just fine. I like them.”

“Okay, so, as I was saying, because you have a chastity cage -”

“Fuck you, just start the sim!”

Your funeral, Matt silently thought, as he turned around and headed for the control centre, feigning an annoyance that masked his excitement.

“Whether you’ll cum depends on you, Luke. You’ll be tied up and given a prostate milking.”


Luke, noticing that he was himself in this simulation, “woke up” bound to the chair as he had been in the physical reality.

“Hello, Luke,” an announcer said. It seemed that Matt had coded in identity recognition for extra immersion.

“This is training program number 19, concerning anal penetration machines. Three tools will be used, which will be introduced to you as they come. Feel free to halt the simulation with your safeword, ‘Deliverance,’ to take a break or request additional implements.”

During one of Luke’s blinks, chains that attached to the shackles spawned in accompanied by a slightly theatrical blue hologram effect. The chains seemed infinitely long, stretching into the fog that masked the edge of this simulated world.

This simulator Matt was making was getting very well optimised.

“We will begin with a vibrating dil-”


“Ball gag, and skip all introductions.”

Per his request, a red ball gag spawned in, 5 inches above him. As he opened his mouth, the gag floated down and locked itself into place.

“Your non-spoken safeword will be shaking your head repeatedly to your left.”



Although the experience should only be mental, Matt noticed that Luke’s body, in reality, was moaning.

Was it really that pleasurable? Was this the “reality bleeding” arising from problematic connections he had worried about?

A glance at the displays show that the connections were thankfully stable – 99.97 percent optimal, as was usual. Luke would (most likely) be fine, unlike the…numerous documented cases whose victims had their implants irreparably damaged.

Regardless, Matt had ideas for him. It is not everyday you can get a proud idiot beast like Luke to beg for something as simple as an orgasm.

There were a few things he could and were planning to do. More bondage that secured Luke’s torso. Posture collar. Ankle cuffs. Oiling him up. Plugging his ass. Increasing the reclining angle and adding tie points to facilitate an alternate overhead tie that lets him see the plumes of armpit hair, and so that he could put another set of chains between his wrists to turn him-

Matt collected himself. “In due course,” he reassured his rampant imagination as his more rationally inclined part of his mind turned away from the naked man to the readings.

The machines would surely bring him close to, if not fully to cumming, but just in case, he would load up a “secret weapon” program; a rigid metal dildo shaped specifically to vibrate on his prostate.

By this point in reality, the display that was titled “Time Conversion” revealed that Luke had experienced 54 minutes in the 9 that had elapsed in the real world (at a 6:1 ratio, approximately). Having also tapped into his implant’s readings, Matt could see that Luke was nowhere close to orgasm even if he did indeed enjoy the fucking – erogenous zones were active and were at relatively elevated temperatures, but signs like a flexing abdomen were completely absent.

A tap on a spacebar.

Sure enough, 30 seconds later, Luke’s caged dick was pumping semen. There was not much, but it was enough to warrant (and require) a shower and not just a tissue.

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