Pleroma – Part 04

By Taurus

Part 4 – clubslave2_alpha-v1.0_06/17/20XX

Deciding to drive himself, Luke, with some eagerness, proceeded to Matt’s testing facility. As it was his own car, he could go shirtless, which was a boon, as the weather outside was positively burning.

Maybe the ability to pinch his bare nipples when the traffic was slow was nice as well.

He had been promised that the saga of Bruno would continue, and so he eagerly proceeded into Matt’s hideout.

With some fire in his eyes as he stripped, Luke turned his gaze to Matt – half pleading, half demanding, “Matt. I want to cum. I need to cum.”

Having been reassured by a scheming Matt, Luke proceeded onto the chair.

Bruno, having just been allowed a shower, knelt in front of the couch, waiting for his master to come out. His wrists were cuffed behind his back as he kept his chest puffed out confidently while he maintained the 75-degree angle between his torso and the floor.

A few minutes later, there he was – his master had just come out from the bathroom, wiping himself off with a towel but otherwise naked like him. Although Bruno wanted to look at his very sexy master, he remembered his training; he was not allowed to spin himself around and look. Knowing was enough, and he had to trust that feeling.

Without even a grunt, Bruno moved to suck on his master’s dick. He went slowly – the intention was to show deference, not to give pleasure.

“Law enforcement discovered the naked body of 29-year old fitness trainer Vikingur Eriksson in gang premises after a raid on Barrett Street targeting-”

“Maxim and Sons stocks plummet after racism allegations. Four high level executives voluntarily resigned after significant-”

“And the Hornets score their first point after six games of zeroes! Hock was a risky but strong purchase-”

“Join us and sell Essenza for a life-changing experience. For only $299 a month, you can start your-”

“We at the Scientology-”

Bruno chuckled as he heard his master fumble to change the channel.

“Man, they’ll really air anything these days,” says a character in a comedy.

It was difficult, but Bruno managed to control himself well enough to not chomp on his master’s cock, despite the extremely well timed coincidence that sent his master wheezing.

From the lines, Bruno made out that it was one of his favourite shows. He wanted to watch it and stopped sucking for a moment, but quickly he continued – his master was strict and demanded the best from him.

And the best he did give. The familiar dialogue of the show faded into blurry nothingness as he concentrated. For every line he forgot, he found a new contour, a vein he had not paid attention to.

Bruno liked to think that his master was proud of him. The smile he felt from above and the gentle stroking on the back of his head definitely implied that.

After about half an hour of sucking, Bruno felt his master’s hand ease him off the dick he had quite enjoyed sucking on. Looking up, his master’s smile had gone; he now had a poker face that, strangely, terrified Bruno.

“What did you do this for, boy? Another orgasm?” Bruno paused for a moment.

He really did want to cum, now more than ever, in fact. That said, the past month in chastity changed something in him – he felt so much more reliant on his master, as befits his status as a subhuman. That human bodybuilder pride had been wiped cleanly away, now substituted with the pride of being able to satisfy his master as the dumb slab of meat he should be.

“Bruno” was not the first name he was given, but he wanted nothing more than to keep that name.

“I don’t know how I should say it, master. Could I answer you later?”

“Good boy, thinking things through.” Bruno returned his master’s smile.

The following kiss reassured him that he was capable of doing something right. Small victories, but one would take them if one was a slave.


“Still wanna cum?” Matt asked – understandably timidly – as he removed Luke’s interfacing headset and undid his bondage.

“Nah,” Luke replied, looking up at the ceiling contemplatively, “I’m okay.”

Matt immediately stopped untying Luke and logged his observations; that Luke was far from agitated, despite how he acted before the simulation, and the body telemetry confirmed it. Noticing his glee rising to his face, Matt promptly raised his tablet higher to cover his face up.

“Clear your schedule, Luke. There are other functions and hypotheses I want you to test.”

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