Pleroma – Part 15

By Taurus

Epilogue 1 – Explanations

“Revolution for prison; recent developments in implant interfacing have triggered significant change in incarceration. Prisoners will only experience their sentences mentally while their physical bodies experience only a small fraction of their sentences.”

Luke returned the tablet after listening to the

“Mr Dominique, are you sure you -“

“Yes. As Subject L, I understand perfectly how this stuff works.”

“No,” the officer stood up, “I’m asking if you need some clothes.”

Luke chuckled. “Officer Dunn, it’s summer. That and I’m gonna be posing for a photo shoot all day, so underwear will be all I need to really wear anyway.”

“Will you be alright? You can use Pleroma under supervision for now, but as it is, some of its…functions have to be removed.

“At some point we must wipe and incinerate the Pleroma servers, and then rebuild the whole program as ‘Project Chrysalis’ like you asked us to.”

The bodybuilder hung his head and looked shamefully at his erect cock.

“Matt, he…planted a lot of ideas in my head.

“Look, even after two weeks of regular therapy, my body still rejects wearing clothes after a year in the nude. I need time to become a normal person again, and I need to get over killing Matt. Or at least using the program looks…it felt like…”

“Ah, fuck it,” Luke frustratedly exclaimed as he pushed against the table and fell onto his backrest.

“You don’t have to explain anything if you don’t want to – I’m not interrogating you.”

“No,” Luke stood up as he looked back at the suited man, now with renewed strength, “I’m telling you because I want to, not because someone told me to.”

There was a pause (and an uplifting of the mood) as Luke sat back down, fumbling slightly to get his cock and balls back under the table.

“Mostly I’m fine,” the bodybuilder reassured with a slightly tired smile. “But before I go, did I get permission for my visitation request?”



Epilogue 2 – Clothing

With his 3D image souvenir from his first time in this simulation as a reference, Luke moaned and twisted his body as all the bondage he commanded to appear slowly applied itself to him cuff by cuff and chain by chain; a sensual affair halted by the killjoy that was a warning message to stay still and square.

The bondage was as ludicrous as he remembered: tight straps pushed out his pecs and squeezed in his abs, and four cuffs secured each limb in a spreadeagle. Chains secured his collar to the floor through the hole in the bed and his myriad cuffs to the bed frame, while rigid bars fixed his hands and feet in place.

Not all was identical, however. Luke decided that it would be good to also lock his hands in fist mitts, clamp his nipples down, and stuff his ass with a prostate massager plug. This time, he could freely get hard – he had no chastity cage on.

Only then was he satisfied, and gave the command to apply the ball gag.

That and the command to scan himself. Like last time, too hot to forget.


Luke had his 15 minutes of fun in solitude, humping at the air as much as he could – his movement trumps only being welded to the bed frame – moaning his doubts away.

The experience was far more pleasant than one may fear it to be. He was in control, getting gently stimulated in all the right places. Hell, the bed was designed for him in the first place – measurements have not changed at all.

He bit down on the gag, chewing lightly, as if to savour the supple texture of the pain he so happily inflicted upon himself. This buffet of sensation was multi-sensory; the slightly pungent but arousing scent of his sweat enhanced the taste of silicone in his mouth, as the chain between his nipples danced and jingled.

All of a sudden, the ball gag was removed. The straps quickly unravelled and the gag floated upwards, disappearing from Luke’s awareness.

This was no surprise, however; Luke had scheduled this exact event.

“Hi there, Master.”

“You’d still call me that?”

“No, just for convenience. Like how you’d reprogram my mind rather than discipline me like a real sub.

“And then you’d make me pretend I was on vacation in another country.

“Then you’d then say that isolating me from everyone I knew was ‘love’ and not what it really was – abuse.”

Although the prison simulation was usually run by AI guards, Luke had arranged for humans to escort Matt in the simulation, who obviously tried to stay quiet, though understandably could not help but let out little gasps.

So far, the visitation was proceeding as predicted by his AI – Vantage, who had enough data on Matt to almost perfectly simulate his thinking.

It was predicted that Matt would likely not express any emotions, but he definitely would be quiet. So far, so good.

“Don’t worry though, I didn’t come here to gloat.”

“What’re you doing then, hmm?” An oily tinge of unease coloured Matt’s question.

Luke, though bound humiliatingly, savoured the moment as his presence towered over his owner he could not even bother to see – not in real life, not in simulation.

“I made a mistake. I did come here to gloat, as well as to lift a curse.

“You know, you never knew what loyalty was. Your AIs never understood it either. That’s why you had to ‘program’ me.”

As much as he could, Luke nodded his head to signal the guards, who produced a message for Matt to read, and a virtual taser that created very real pain.

“Your name is Luke. From now on, you are a man, and are permitted to freely wear clothes and have sex with anyone you wish. I am no longer your owner.”

Matt, knowing there was no dignity to be saved, read out the passage verbatim with a certain solemn inference, as though he was praying.

Or confessing his sins.


“Of course. Now you can disappear from my life forever.”


“Visitation manually ended.”

“Exiting incarceration simulation.

“Report to a medical officer in case of any physical discomfort.”


After floating for a bit, Luke felt his body weigh down on some fabric.

This was real life.

Quickly, he regained control, and removed his headset by himself.

The bed he lay on in the real world was not unlike the one he bound himself to in the simulation, only it did not have the hole under the neck.

Luke took a deep breath and looked to his left: rows and rows of beds with nude prisoners on them, each with feeding and excretion tubes ready to be hooked up to them at a moment’s notice.

It was a ghastly sight – it was only hot when he was the one getting bound for fun.

Before he could contemplate too deeply too long, the two guards that entered the simulation with him approached to check on his condition.

“Pah! I tested this stuff!”

“Well, evidently you’re okay,” one of the guards chuckled, “so…medical attention will not be necessary.”

The other guard – who was in a less wisecracking mood and more a contemplative one, as he walked the naked bodybuilder to his changing space, asked what Matt’s last question was.

“Hey, don’t.”

Quite abruptly, the shits-and-giggles stopped. The awkward mood was saved only by Luke’s willingness to reveal the question.

“I was his sex slave. He asked if I wanted to cum. And of course I do – I hadn’t cum in years.”

With some finality, Luke – with his escorts bearing witness – threaded his ample limbs through a T-shirt and a pair of shorts, finally capping his outfit off with a pair of socks and running shoes.

For the first time in forever, he felt no need to tear himself from fabric.


Epilogue 3 – Important Business

Luke had no more need for Pleroma now that he could wear clothes, but Pleroma was a novelty he could never have again.

It was a crutch for his diseased mind – for this fact there was no doubt – but it was a damn fancy crutch for a very strange disease indeed.

The most memorable days were the simple ones – days where he worked out with his gym patrons, days where he went for a walk in a park while wearing nipple clamps, days where he opted to piss among nearby trees and not in the dirty public bathrooms.

As Luke sat in the toilet cubicle – with no intention to actually use the toilet, fondling himself without fear of getting punished for it, he received a call.

“Hello, Mr Dominique. I see you’re getting better now.”

“Damn! You’re so quick…” Luke exclaimed, with a touch of disappointment. “Could we work something out?”

“No,” Officer Dunn paused for a theatrical breath, “but I’m just gonna break the news to you that the fastest timeline is this:

“The Saturday tomorrow is reserved for you to prove you can wear clothes, the next Saturday is for a full check-up, then the next one after that is the official day.

“Let’s just say that we’re all busy people and that the bureaucracy has to be respected. No negotiations.”

Promptly, Luke’s supervision officer hung up.

And promptly, Luke walked out of the incarceration facility, buck naked under the veil of Pleroma, all the while texting his contacts to plan something big enough to not want to use Pleroma ever again.


“How’s it feel to be a dumb piece of meat?” Luke’s tormentors taunted as they flogged the bodybuilder – his back against a large tree – from all the frontal angles possible.

Luke could not respond, partly because he was getting beaten while being blindfolded, partly because he was brought where he was – a secluded campsite deep in the woods outside the city – in a sleepsack, but mostly because he was gagged.

The day went on as he had hoped it would – constantly being forced to give blowjobs and being fucked, always while he was being restrained and humiliated in some way. More often than not, he was wearing a blindfold, a gag, nipple clamps, anal plugs, or any combination of the above. His tormentors put him in arduous positions he, as a bodybuilder, would suffer great pain to hold.

At this point, if all perspectives were purely objective, then he might even prefer to be Matt’s slave. Hell, even the uncaring chastity was the same.

But this felt better. His suffering was built on trust and respect – it was first allowed and subsequently invited, not simply thrust upon him without consulting him.


By 2 pm, the caravan of trucks and SUVs were slowly loaded as the campsite was dismantled. Soon, the only items left to load in the vehicles was Luke’s bag and Luke himself.

He was still tied to a tree, still gagged and plugged, with his bag between his legs, unceremoniously catching his precum, sweat, and drool.

One man walked up to the bound bodybuilder and switched the rope around his wrists for a pair of handcuffs with an electronically controlled lock.

Luke prayed that what he thinks will happen will not, even though he knows full well not only that his prediction will be accurate, he will even enjoy it.

“So, let me just organise some facts for you: we’ll get in the cars, lock the doors, then set you free. After we drive off, you’ll then put on the nipple clamps in your bag, which we’ve filled with food and water.

“You can follow our tracks, and we’ve organised a car to take you home when you find tarmac. Get home, unlock yourself, make a video meeting, then cum on camera.”


The man who last spoke to Luke about his predicament gave him a pat on the head and fulfilled his promises exactly. Before long, Luke was completely alone as he crouched over his bag, eventually presenting himself to Mother Nature as a slave – accordingly with clamped nipples, caged dick, and plugged ass.

The trek down was physically rather easy for Luke. His days of labouring for Matt barefooted under the protection of Pleroma had calloused his soles, and so long as he stayed on the beaten dirt it did not hurt too much. Navigation was similarly easy; there was still ample daylight left, the vehicles left clear tracks to follow, and he always had a detailed map on his phone to fall back on should disaster strike – which never did.

The promised chauffeur was, again as promised, waiting for Luke, standing by the rear door in anticipation of him. As he approached the car, however, the anticipation was not to open the car door, but to tackle Luke.

“It’s Dunn, don’t panic.”

And panic Luke did not. Dutifully, he presented himself to Dunn, who confirmed that the nipple clamps were firmly on, that the plug sat deep, and that the chastity cage was frustrating – all by lightly kicking at them.

“Good, you followed the orders. Now, put on your gag, then your leg restraints, then your blindfold, then get in the car.”

“Wait, sir,” Luke looked at his supervision officer with curious eyes, “did you…”

“I knew everything you were planning. And I know what you’ve gone through – I actually suggested this.

“Don’t thank me. Just be quick and get in the car – off hours are precious.”


Using Pleroma, Luke was marched into his home as he rode in the car. He slowly felt his way to a chair as Dunn helped Luke set up by first securing his legs to the chair, then setting up a tripod and phone, and finally unlocking Luke’s cage.

By this point, Luke could barely think. In a way, he had been edged for upwards of a year. Everything he had done would culminate in one moment.

One glorious moment.

“Jerk off.” A voice from the phone commanded.

Luke reached slowly for his cock. This 6-inch long rod of meat that had been robbed from him had been reclaimed. He may have every sex toy imaginable fixed to him because he was told to do so, and he may have been immobilised because he was put in this position, but he allowed those people to have this power over him.

With not anger against Matt but with ecstasy in light of this power, the idea that Luke should never touch his cock again faded to nothing, and he willfully enjoyed every moment.

To the best of his ability, he announced through his gag that he was close, and signaled to Dunn by (foolishly) trying to tilt himself back to do so, which he did, revealing in one shot all of his bondage, including a glimpse of the plug in his ass.

Instinctively, Luke decided to angle his cock as far backwards as he could, spraying his load a year coming all over his abs, chest, and face, for which all his audience cheered.

The end

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Metal would like to thank Taurus for this story!

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2 thoughts on “Pleroma – Part 15”

  1. So many hot aspects to this story…
    I’m not sure how I feel about the story though. The disjointed nature was [intentionally, I suspect] difficult to follow. The missing moments, months, years?, and various pieces added confusion that was never resolved. The interspersed poetry was flummoxing.
    I liked the end scenes, although I don’t really know what they mean. So many unanswered questions…

    Even with all of these listed hesitations, my brain was engaged off and on, with my libido engaged most all of the times when my brain was not. Quite an interesting, and horny, tale!

  2. Thank you, Taurus, for such an interesting and unusual story. I have to admit I found myself a bit lost at times reading each chapter but found that by re-reading the whole story in one complete go it all became much clearer. Thoroughly enjoyed it in the end.

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