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Remembering Harold Cox

Harold Cox passed away on September 8, 2021. Among his many accomplishments, he was a founder of the Delta organization and a founder and owner of the L.U.R.E. bar in New York City. For many years he was the editor of Checkmate magazine.

Harold was a collector of handcuffs and knew how to use them. He mentored countless men over many decades, myself included. I was among many men who were lucky enough to spend time locked in Harold’s chains, behind bars in one of his many jail cells!

He was a military veteran, and he was a college professor. He loved opera.

He is survived by his longtime partner, Bob.

Harold Cox Delta

Harold Cox

On a personal note, Harold was one of the primary influencers in my own journey. He locked me up in metal many, many times over the years. He inspired me to launch the Metalbond site, and he often encouraged me to keep this website going.

I have so much love and respect for this man.

An article about Harold is here

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3 thoughts on “Remembering Harold Cox”

  1. Harold was such an influence in my life. He had mentored many who were chained up and then interrogated in a jail cell. He forced me out of my comfort zone and grow in ways I never imagined I was capable of. I don’t mean this is a “porn shot” manner…. I’m talking real heart to heart mentoring and guidence to carry over into everyday life. I was so proud to build “brownie points” the first time I was locked up and as a form of “torture” an opera CD was put on. It was one of the “Ring Cycle” operas. I was able to hum along and knew the plot line!!
    Harold was classic old school. There is a quote I often use from the book “Let Us Build Us a City, 12 Lost Towns of Arkansas.” An elderly woman, Susie ends her interview with, “I like to think in years to come you will think of me.”
    In the grand scheme of things, that is what life boils down to, being remembered when you are gone…. Harold will be remembered by many for a long time……

  2. i was lucky enough to be a “guest” at his mountain home- Harold was sincere well meaning and very much in command- his set-up was unique, private and well cared for. I had been to The Lure dozens of time and never had a bad experience. Rest in Peace-Harold-

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