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Remembering Master Jack

I learned yesterday with great sadness that Master Jack passed away a few months ago, in November 2021, of a heart attack. Over more than two decades, Master Jack hosted countless men from all over the world for heavy, multi-day bondage scenes at his home dungeons in California and then in Arizona.

Master Jack was also a trailblazer on the Internet with his very own subscription-based website — Bondagezine — which dated all the way back to the 1990s and had tons of hot stories, photographs and lots of original videos.

Master Jack Bondagezine

Although it was a bit clunky, the Bondagezine site was a vast resource. Sadly, it is no longer available. This is a shame because the site had so much irreplaceable content. Master Jack also had a second site called Bondagemaster, which is still online although I suspect it too might be coming down soon.

Master Jack Bondagemaster


Master Jack didn’t share many pictures of himself, but here are a few pictures of some of the many prisoners he hosted over the years, taken from his website:

Master Jack Bondagezine


Master Jack also encouraged and inspired countless other men over the years, including Mark Bind, PFC Pflege — and myself! If anyone would like to share any memories of Master Jack, I invite you to post a comment in the comments section below, or you can send me an email.

9 thoughts on “Remembering Master Jack”

  1. This is very sad news to read here today. But that’s the way things go. All the better that a long time ago I was locked in Master Jack’s Marshall cell. (I’m the prisoner in striped uniform in your article) In the Druysuit in chains on the cot – that was the most impressive action I can remember. Strictly tied up, but still small possibilities of movement, so you could endure it for hours. Excellent!

  2. Thanks for the notice. I often emailed Jack and learned a lot. He was gruff. Most importantly, he knew what he wanted and was generous in sharing what was of interest to him.

  3. Sorry to hear. I had a couple of very brief exchanges and had thought more seriously recently of paying him a visit, but personal and global circumstances were in the way. Now it will remain a dream.

  4. Sorry to hear that. I visited him some years ago. It was one of my first experiences with a bondage master. Good memories.

  5. i had viewed Master Jack’s Bondagezine site for many years before actually reaching out to Him in 2005, when i had just moved to San Francisco – only for Him to tell me that He had just relocated to Arizona – We had just missed each other by a couple of months. Much later, in 2018, i finally decided to look Him up again and to arrange a visit to His home near Tucson, which i did for a week in May of that year. What a transformative experience! For seven days, i was kept in irons in the cell, chained to the wall, except when having a scene with Him upstairs in the dungeon, or when seated at the dinner table for the evening meal. Breakfast and lunch were served to me through the bars of the cell – there was only a bucket available in which i had to urinate and defecate – and i had to wear an orange prison jumpsuit at all times. That’s me in the header and last photo, which He took during my initial visit (during one of the scenes in His upstairs dungeon). i visited Him again in January 2020 – this time for two weeks as a prisoner who worked via laptop and WiFi from the cell, while cuffed and chained per protocol – W/we deemed this a “working vacation” of sorts, and had discussed the possibility of my coming to live permanently in His cell, as a rent-paying ‘roommate’ who just happened to be in bondage most of the time. i had planned to visit Him a third time earlier this year (2022), but when i hadn’t heard from Him in a little over a month – which was highly unusual (he called me on the phone once every couple of weeks just to chat about all manner of things, including bondage, but also current events, politics, and life in general) – i reached out to His long term partner and found out that He had passed away. The news greatly saddened me; i consider Him a highly skilled and experienced bondage Master who was also very cultured and educated, with refined taste and mad chef skills – a very well-rounded individual and a great mentor. He will be missed by many!

  6. This is very sad. I first came across Master Jack’s website as a curious teen and his work had a huge impact on my kink journey. Fast forward ten years to Spring 2021 and I was finally in a position to make an overseas trip to visit him. I sent him an email and we spoke a little, he informed me that due to covid his scenes were on hold but he hoped to resume in October or November…obviously it wasn’t meant to be. He’ll be very sadly missed.

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