9 thoughts on “Bondage in the movies: Ryan Phillippe gets strapped down”

        1. Travis is the guy on the trolley, the guy doing the strapping is the one I referred to as the medic. Not surprisingly, Chuck was referring to Travis!

  1. I love how the very last shot, from overhead, gives you a view of his bulge. Looks like the boi is rather enjoying himself! :)

  2. I love how excessive the head straps are with the smaller tighter one and then the larger one and then the chin-cup as well, all he is missing is a nice rubber mouthguard to keep him gagged! So hot…if only they had MRI machines back in the day, all those straps would be LEATHER ;)

  3. I’m pretty sure Ryan Phillipe loves bondage.
    – The I Inside
    – Home Grown
    – Nowhere
    – Catch Hell

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