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Video: Chris roped to high-back bondage chair at Roped Studs

Check out this one of Chris at Roped Studs — and be sure to click the full screen view for this high-def video clip:


In this shoot, young stud Chris is tightly roped to the high-back bondage chair, roped at his shoulders, neck, abs, wrists and ankles. Biting clamps are clipped to his nipples — then all over his cock, including a big, nasty one right on the tip. Then the clamps are ripped of the roped stud, and his wounded cock is stroked by his rope man until it’s rock hard.

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Dream Boy Bondage: Prison of pain (free video clip)

Chris’ torture in the prison of pain continues. Horrible clamps are placed on his nipples, ball sack and the tip of his uncut cock, then he is left bolted to the wall in agony all night. The next morning, Jared has some “off the record fun,” chaining the blond stud down on his back and forcing him to suck his cock until Jared busts a load all over his chest. Sure, it’s illegal, but what the fuck is Chris going to do? Write his Congressman?

Here is a free clip, which looks great in full-screen mode:


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