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Male BDSM porn: In the Shadows

This is a video from Titan: “In the Shadows” with Nick Prescott and Dirk Caber


Dirk Caber twitches as he sleeps, his hot bod at the mercy of Nick Prescott in his dream. With his wrists and ankles bound to a table, Dirk’s cock drips and throbs as his balls — squeezed in a stretcher — get bluer by the second. Dirk spits a flying wad that lands on Nick’s scruffy chin, the two soon kissing as Nick teases and edges his bud — squeezing his nipples, tonguing him, spitting in his mouth, exchanging pit licks. He licks down Dirk’s muscles, a strand of precum clinging to Nick’s beard before he opens wide to devour Dirk’s cock. He rubs Dirk’s hole, the two spitting at each other as they growl. Nick twists a big dildo up Dirk’s ass (“Want me to stretch your hole more?”), the bottom’s cock throbbing as he gets it deep. Nick then sits down on Dirk’s dick and rides, the two taking turns going up and down in a heated fuck. Nick fires off his load before Dirk begs for more: “Fuck me! Please fuck me!” Nick dildos him again, using his own cum as lube to stroke Dirk off at the same time—exclaiming “Yeah, pig!” as the grunting hunk releases.

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Male BDSM porn: Dirk Caber tortures Drake Jaden’s balls

At DaddysBondageBoys.com, Dirk Caber just keeps adding ropes and pulling them tighter in the process. Drake Jaden’s ball sack just stretches and then stretches further. How far can he go?

Dirk Caber tortures Drake Jaden’s balls

See the video at Daddy’s Bondage Boys

Title of this video series: Tied and Tormented, Part 2

Models in this shoot: Drake Jaden, Dirk Caber

gay bondage Colin Steele and Jessie Balboasevere testicle tortureDirk Caber bondage stud

Male BDSM: Drake Jaden flogs Dirk Caber

Check out this scene from the men of Daddy’s Bondage Boys, featuring Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber:

The brutal flogging continues, as Drake Jaden works over Dirk Caber in the dungeon. The flogger hits until he is laughing maniacally through the pain.

Title of this video: In Hell Part 5

Models in this shoot: Drake Jaden, Dirk Caber

Keywords: Military, Chains, Flogging/Whipping

See the video at Daddy’s Bondage Boys 

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Male BDSM with Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Meanwhile back at Daddy’s Bondage Boys, Dirk is wondering when he will be set free by Master Drake but can only focus on the flogging he’s receiving and the constant groping and playing Drake is doing to him.

gay bondage porn with Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

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Title of this episode: Tied and Tormented, Part 5

Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber gay bondage

One Year – Part 08

By Taurus

Part 8 – “Time and Sanity”

Like James, I too have a confession to make as this story’s messenger – not an author; I can neither confirm nor deny its fictitious nature.

I have no idea how to properly convey the passage of time in its whole – its significance, its poetry, its aesthetic. I struggle with passing a few hours, let alone the months I seek to skip over.

Forgive me for skipping so much time. I do not want a story that has more chapters than days in a year, that takes more time to read in its entirety than a dictionary, or an encyclopedia.

In any case, it simply is impossible to come up with so many original ideas to fill out each and every day of the year, which applies to James’ guards and handlers to arguably benefit, not detriment.

At times, the most profound epiphanies and most powerful destructions are achieved through repetition alone.

One could make use of silence and let it sit there, unchanging. Get that, and pile on ad nauseum.

Well then.

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