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Used and abused by 200 horny men at Folsom weekend party

Check out this classic shoot from Bound In Public, featuring Dirk Caber, Josh West, Derek Pain and Leo Forte


It’s the weekend of Folsom Street Fair, and the men are all horned up about it. Josh West takes Dirk Caber into the ballroom and ties him to the wooden cross. The horny partygoers stroke Dirk and tease his hard cock. They rip off his clothes and use him. Josh West and his slaves take Dirk around to service hot horny studs. Derek Pain and Leo Forte show up, and the party begins. Forte flogs Derek and Dirk until their muscles turn red. They both endure the full body zipper. Dirk receives load after load of cum throughout the party. Josh tosses Dirk on the bed, and the feeding frenzy begins. Everyone takes turns fucking him and coming on his face. They all piss on him before they leave the party.

dirk_caber_and_derek_pain_01 dirk_caber_and_derek_pain_02 dirk_caber_and_derek_pain_03 dirk_caber_and_derek_pain_04

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Dirk Caber fucks Drake Jaden hard and deep

Drake Jaden is tied up and fucked, and all is revealed. Not wasting any time, Dirk plows into his former torturer, hitting him when his massive cock pops out. Grunts of pain mix with those of pleasure for the two condemned soldiers. At Daddy’s Bondage Boys — a site where Metalbond readers get a discount offer when subscribing!

Title of this shoot: In Hell Part 10

Keywords: Ass Play, Dicksucking, Military

Features: Drake Jaden, Dirk Caber

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Dirk Caber bondage stud

Connor Maguire and Dirk Caber get tied up and jacked


If he’s muscular and gets rock hard in bondage, then he’s likely to be featured on the Men on Edge site. Like these two guys. Check them out:

Officer Connor Maguire edged and fucked by two perverts:


After discovering a captive sex slave, Van and Sebastian frantically run around Trenton Ducati’s house as they hear the police sirens closing in on them. They quickly hide under the bed when Officer Maguire busts down the door and takes the two pervs into custody. Before Officer Maguire can call for backup the two pervs gang up on him and tie him down to the chair. They tear away the officer’s uniform and whip out his cock, teasing him with their tongues and the hitachi’s on his cock head. The muscled officer is stripped naked and bent over the desk as the two pervs spread his cheeks and shove a dildo up his ass while Sebastian feeds him a cock down his throat. They then suspend Officer Maguire in the jail cell and suck on his toes while continuing to edge his cock. After a little tickle torment, Sebastian eats the officer’s ass as Van finally milks a load out of his aching cock. They finish the officer off with post-orgasmic torment before leaving him hanging in the cell for the other officers to find

34682_10 34682_13 34682_14

Free video preview of Connor Maguire at Men On Edge here

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And here is another scene at Men on Edge:


Muscled hunk Dirk Caber taken and edged against his will:


Van and John Jammen wheel in hot muscled stud Dirk Caber as he’s bound with duct tape around his mouth. Suspended by his arms, Dirk’s clothes are torn away as the two pervs start playing with his cock. Van shoves John’s head down as he swallows Dirk’s cock, his moans muffled by the duct tape stuck to his lips. With his hands bound at the thighs, Dirk’s rock hard cock stands at attention as his two captors continue teasing him. Pre-cum drips out of Dirk’s cock as the two pervs pinch nipple clamps onto the muscled stud and tease him with the vibrating hitachi’s on his cockhead. On his knees, Dirk has the shockspot machine fuck his ass from behind as John Jammen gives him a face full of cum. They then roll the hairy hunk over on his back and continue to fuck him with the machine while they milk all the cum out of his cock and finish him off with some post-orgasmic torment.

34599_10 34599_13 34599_15

Free video preview of Dirk Caber at Men On Edge available here

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Bondage cumfest

There’s no doubt that interrogator Drake Jaden has lost any power he thought he had over the captive soldier. With the taste of his drooling cock on his tongue he feels the man licking out his hole and then filling it with his soldier dick, ramming him hard and deep! He can’t help it, as he struggles to break free he releases a hand, but it’s soon on his dick so he can jack out another hot load while the solder uses him. With their cum gushing all over the interrogator’s spent body it seems their mutual torment might finally be over, but who was in control all along?

Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber


See the VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

Models in this shoot: Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Title of this shoot: Tied & Tormented – Part 10

See the VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

See the VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

The battle of wills continues between Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Interrogator Drake crossed the line the last time he was in control, now that soldier Dirk has been given an opportunity to get revenge in a similar way he can’t wait! Drake is on his back, his legs spread, the chains holding him in place, his mouth ready to be used by the kinky soldier. He dives in, jacking the man, fucking his face, making him suck on his heavy balls. How far will he go in using his former master?

Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys


VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

Models: Drake Jaden, Dirk Caber

Title of this video: Tied & Tormented – Part 9

Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Drake Jaden and Dirk Caber

Dirk Caber and Morgan Black at Bound Gods

Check out Dirk Caber and Morgan Black at Bound Gods:

Morgan Black is cruising the dungeon, horny, and looking to play. He finds Dirk Caber working out and admiring his muscle alone near the creek. The two Doms make out, sniff each other’s pits, and grope each other, but Morgan has ideas to take control. He puts up Dirk’s arms and flogs him while getting his cock sucked. He strips Dirk of his leather and beats his ass red while weights swing from his balls. Suspended 10 feet high in a crucifixion pose, Morgan edges the Dom, clips clothes pins up and down his body and blasts him with the hose. He throws Dirk in a sling, cock still hard, and fucks the hell out of him, making Dirk blow his load.

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