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Dirk Wakefield is bound and edged in the forest

Speaking of outdoor bondage, check out what happens to Dirk Wakefield over at Men On Edge:


Van is walking through the woods when he finds bound hunk Dirk Wakefield tied to a tree with a blindfold around his eyes. Dirk is stripped naked in the middle of the woods as Van begins teasing his cock. After a few edges, Dirk’s legs are lifted off the ground as Dirk helplessly dangles from the tree, begging to cum. His arms and legs are tied up and spread apart as Dirk lays in the dirt with his hard cock between his legs. A prostate massager is shoved up the stud’s hairy hole while his cock is edged again and again until he finally shoots his load all over himself.

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Video: Dirk Wakefield is crucified and tortured at Dream Boy Bondage

Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this episode, Dirk, his wounds largely healed after being rented out as a fuck slave for four weeks, is crucified, shocked with the cattle prod and tortured with clothespins.

A month ago, Dirk was brutally tortured for several days, the front and back of his firm body covered with deep, red whip wounds. They tortured him at the request of his master and, in return, were allowed to use Dirk as they pleased for the rest of the month. So, for the last four weeks, Dirk has been a fuck slave, his ass and mouth used by scores of men. They kept his body hairless, as a sign of his slave status, but they hadn’t tortured him – until today. Today he is laid on the cold dungeon floor, naked, arms spread wide and strapped to a wood beam, ankles cuffed together. His brutalized skin has had time to recover, although a few fading welts are still visible. He’s hauled up onto his tiptoes, crucifixion-style. Then Jared enters with a cattle prod and a pocket full of clothespins. After being repeatedly shocked and crucified for hours, Dirk’s cock, balls and nipples are covered with pins until he literally trembles in agony.

Here is a free video preview:


Title of this shoot: Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy – Part 7

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Dirk the bondage sex slave

See below for a free video preview from Dream Boy Bondage

Jared makes Dirk’s training clear to him. Dirk exists to feel pain, to have the most intimate parts of his body — from his abs to his nipples to his cock and balls — tortured. His body, his sexuality, is no longer his. He is now a sex slave, who exists to please his master, to suffer in silence, to cum on command. Jared beats him, then jerks him off. Then he stretches him to the max and leaves him to suffer, alone.

Here is a free clip:


Title of this shoot: Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy – Part 3

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Trained to please his master

Here’s another scene from Dream Boy Bondage — see below for a free video preview!

Dirk Wakefield is a classic kept boy, spoiled, arrogant and free-loading. Today, all that changes. He has been sent to us to be trained, to be turned into a true slave. This young man will learn that he exists to please his master, that he is an object of desire, a sex toy, and nothing more. He is strung-up and stripped naked. Then his days of torment are described in full detail. He argues and complains until he is gagged. Then he is stripped naked and receives 100 lashes, first with the flogger, then with the single-tail whip. One-hundred lashes. And, trust us, this is just the beginning.

Here is a free video clip:


Title of this shoot: Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy – Part 1

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