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Rubber Rebounds in New England

The guys over at New England Rubber Men asked that this be posted to Metalbond:

A fetish community turns out as RubberJason takes the title of Mr. New England Rubber


BOSTON (April 12, 2012) – The world of rubbermen contests began in Boston with the Mr. Vulcan competition two decades ago. Now, New England is reclaiming its place as a hub of the rubber-kink community. More than 100 kinksters turned out as 37-year-old Jason Lynch, (aka, RubberJason) donned the sash of the 2nd annual Mr. New England Rubber.

In the eyes of many, the event marked a sea change for the region’s rubber fetish community. Rubber and latex fetish have long been a minor component of kink culture, especially in the leather-dominated Northeast. However, the last year has witnessed a growing number of rubber enthusiasts at organized fetish events—and has spawned the new organization, the New England Rubber Men, which has more than 50 members despite having formed a mere five months ago.

“I can’t say how proud I am of the enormous response we’ve seen in such a short amount of time,” said Lynch, who is one of the founding members of the New England Rubber Men. “I think there are a lot of guys in this area who have been a little intimidated to show their rubber-kink side. Now, they’re finding out that this area’s fetish community is a big and welcoming place…and they’re more than happy to show up.”

And, they’ll have plenty of new opportunities to do just that. Along with first-runner-up GloveBoy, second-runner-up Clark Longhammer, and last year’s winner Nochmal, Lynch and the New England Rubber Men will host several rubber events around New England including various demos and social get-togethers.

“I think we’re at the start of something big in New England—something that will open the kink community to a much bigger group, “ said Justin Eddy (SirJustin), owner of the MNER contest and International Mr. Deaf Leather 2011.

Lynch will now have an opportunity to represent the New England rubber community on an international stage by donning the MNER sash (which was designed by latex fashion icon, The Baroness) at the 16th annual Mister International Rubber Contest in November in Chicago. He has big waders to fill, however. Mr. New England Rubber 2011, Nochmal, took first-runner-up at the competition.

Supports have little doubt that the self-proclaimed “cub” will be a favorite at the competition. He was selected by a panel of judges comprised of well-known personalities within the rubber community: G-man, Mr. International Rubber 2011; Richard Nordin (Nochmal), Mr. New England Rubber 2011; Bob Roberts, Mr. American Rubber 2012; Miss Corvette, Ms. FLAG 2011; along with Brian Conway and Patrick Pierson (Pleep), two popular contestants from the Mister International Rubber 2011 contest.



Gene Kahn

Yesterday evening I was out sailing on Hudson River with some friends when I got an email on my iPhone and learned the sad news that Gene Kahn had passed away earlier in the day.

Gene Kahn


According to the message, which was from two of his closest friends, he died of complications from heart failure and his death was completely unforseen. He passed from this Earth experiencing no pain, and “with his boots on.”

Gene was a longtime friend of mine. One of my very first encounters with him was way back in the mid-1990s, when I attended an out-of-town play event called Delta for the first time. It was Friday night and I had been in the main playroom for a couple hours, just watching, and acting a bit shy and self-conscious. When Gene noticed me hanging back on the sidelines, he came over and struck up a conversation. Before I knew it, he had me bent over a sawhorse, pants pulled down to my ankles, where he proceeded to give me a loving but very firm bare-assed hand spanking that went on for quite a while. When it was over — and I had not died of embarrassment as I had feared — a message stuck in the back of my mind, about just “jumping in.”

Lesson learned, I ended up having a fantastic time at the event, playing almost nonstop for the subsequent three days, and I returned many times over the years, often as a passenger in Gene’s rickety old beat up station wagon.

Gene wore many hats, and he was passionate about everything he ever did. He was a carpenter by trade, and I hired him on many occasions to help me in my apartment, installing cabinets and shelves. He had a couple of Dachshunds, whom he doted over like children. He was a cyclist, and in recent years he had taken to riding “fixed-gear” bikes. (If you don’t know what that means, let me just say that you have to be a real daredevil to ride one of these in New York City! )

He was not much interested in bondage, but he sure was kinky in other ways. He was skilled with a single tail whip, and he would spend hours practicing.

Gene was also a sailor, and he wrote a fantastic book on the subject, called Deep Water: A Sailor’s Passage (available on Amazon). It’s one of the most heartfelt, deeply moving books I have ever read. In it, Gene explains his love of sailing and also his love for one man — his life partner, Kevin.

It wasn’t until after Gene’s book came out that I ever even stepped foot on a sailboat, but now I love it. It’s funny how things happen sometimes, that I was out sailing when I learned about Gene.

Sail on, buddy. I am going to miss you.


E. M. Kahn gene kahn

Hanging Out at MIR 2010

By Shast

I’d helped out in previous years and this year I’d volunteered to spend three afternoons helping with Demos in the Vendor Mart at MIR. It’s a fairly spontaneous area with an array of interesting equipment.

During Setup the organizer John commented about hanging me up and letting me scream for a while. Amused I largely shrugged. A bit later I was talking with the rather smoking hot DJ about breath control.

A while later John brings out this rubber bondage suit with a dual set of respiration tubes. It has an air intake that goes into the rubber cock sheath. It’s also got an output that goes out to a T and has two breather bags off it.

metalbondnyc_shast_00Going over into a less public area I stripped down and lubed up a bit and started putting the suit on. I a bit sheepishly came out to John and confessed I’d lost my erection. He was like no problem and had the suit on me in a jiffy. A briefly lubed caress on my member and a harsh cock ring and I was in the outfit. He made some comment about too much hair while zipping the hood on which was rather hot and a bit ominous at the same time. I moved over a bit as his direction and he started with assistance to put on the Mr. S. leather harness over the rubber. The breathing intake through the cock sheath was gently caressing my balls as the blow bag above it would inflate and deflate as I breathed in an out. This with the tight rubber made it hard for me to resist playing with myself. The air smelled strongly of both ball sweat and rubber and was quite exciting until my brain started tuning it out.

Some firm instruction(s) to bend my knees and spread my legs and after several strap tightenings I was snug as a bug in the harness. The hoist being lost in UPS it was improvisation time and I slowly climbed a later looking through the slightly fogged eye pieces in the tight hood. After buckling the harness into the suspension chains they gently pushed me backwards off the ladder and I was free floating.

metalbondnyc_shast_01It’s a weird feeling to be totally encased in tight restrictive rubber and yet free floating at the same time. I could move around my arms and legs without any issues but felt every bit the helpless anonymous rubber gimp. This was enhanced a bit as they clipped my legs together and then clipped my arms to the neck collar. After some fun spinning around and trying to see if I could kick people I was grabbed by my dick and pulled into place. After some fiddling they attached an electro cock ring around my balls and starting hooking it up the Eros Tek unit.

After a few misses suddenly my balls felt like they were being swarmed by a ton of ants. They set it up at 65 and let me stew in my own juices. I could tune it out without moving around too much for awhile but then it would spark up and make me squirm. That said the mode it was in would periodically shock me but it was predictable and I could eventually deal with it.

I tend to giggle and laugh a bit as a reaction to pain. The more pain the more I tend to laugh and I eventually even start to cackle like the joker. Someone came by and crank up the voltage a bit, my balls now felt like they were being sliced off. Needless to say I got quite loud. People couldn’t really hear me unless you were close through all of the rubber and breaking stuff but I was cackling quite loudly. Breathing heavily made the dual bags on the breather output to pump up, erotic they kinda looked like balls. I started thrashing around and was putting on quite a demo show.

metalbondnyc_shast_02Around an hour and a half I was laughing and cackling to the point I was starting to hyper ventilate. A bit of focus calmed me down a bit. Did you know if you can clearly visualize what it’s like breathing into a paper bag it has the same effect as if you were actually doing it? I was also able to non-verbally communicate with John and they unplugged the electro and gave me a break for a bit. Woo hoo. One of the cooler more surreal aspects of being the rubber gimp is that no one really knew who I was. Here I was hanging out in the middle of the vendor market in one of the kinkier positions I’ve ever been in and most people had no idea it was me. People who were doing setup even were wondering where I was and who the hanging “victim” was never connecting the two.

Another friend came over have heard me cackle (dead give away to people who knew me) and played with the electro box changing the settings. I was getting nervous and trying to pantomime to him not to turn it on. After it being briefly on he got the message and left the box where it was.

This wasn’t too bad and I breathed a sigh of relief but it was getting sweaty and I was a bit dehydrated at 2 hours in. Unfortunately this didn’t stop someone else from coming along and turning on the eros tech again.

This time it was at max on setting #2 (around 200). It not only felt like my balls where being deep fried but it would also cause my legs to twitch a bit involuntarily. To aggravate things the unit was on random mode so I’d get a shock every 20 seconds or so but in a random interval so I wasn’t able to anticipate as much.

metalbondnyc_shast_03My world rapidly focused down onto me taking deep breathes and cackling out the pain while thrashing around. Several people including the woofy DJ were enjoying the show and yanked on my legs at bit while having some amusingly banter with me. I had to focus and take the electro (and the jibes) and just let go and be there in the moment. It wasn’t the erotic energy it had been earlier but it was transcendent in it’s own right. John came back to check on me (note I was NEVER left un attended and had repeatedly gestured to people I was fine) and got my signal that I would like the electro turned down / off.

With a beautifully diabolical smile he’s like oh now we’re taking video so we’ll just turn things up. This got the reaction he wanted and the video didn’t take long (more of a mind game that making my situation worse) at around 2:30 hours hanging in the air I was given a break and the electro was disconnected (much to my relief).

The plan had been to keep me up there longer. And I put on a decent show a bit and spun around a bit without trying to kick anyone (at least seriously ) .

At about 2:45 I suddenly dropped two inches as one of the two primary straps on the harness broke on me. After a minutes panic I determined I was fine and signaled people to get me down.

Getting down to earth was kinda a weird feeling as I made a big squish touching the ground. I could feel the sweat pooling in the suit all the way up to my crotch. Getting the mask off was like a breathe of fresh air and I was suddenly dizzy and hard to stand.

After cooling down a bit I waddled to the bathroom to get out of the suit. Trying to not make a mess I managed to get out of the suite without making too big of a mess and poured the suit into the sink. Much to my shock the sink overflowed onto the floor. Staring down at the mess on the floor I just sat there starting at it.

Time to hydrate!


Copyright © 2010 by Shast, shast@deathstar.org (may be distributed in its original form ONLY)

A weekend at bondage camp

I had a fantastic time this past weekend with 240-something amazing men.

I spent time in chains and other forms of serious locking metal restraint, and I also spent some time putting others in restraints of various forms. From the first night when I was locked down and stroked off (thanks, Bill and Ken … you guys are awesome!) to the strict metal hogtie (thanks Max!) to the various meals that I hobbled to under the control of some very interesting men (you have no idea how much I am into you guys!) to the last night when I enjoyed pissing on several other guys in Cabin V (fuck that was hot!) — I enjoyed every minute of the play weekend!

To all of you who were there — from alpha to beta to gamma to delta — thank you so very much for keeping my cock hard! I am still hard now just thinking about it!

And your positive feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you! I am thrilled, honored and humbled that you like my blog. And I promise to continue to update regularly.

Please keep in touch using the email address to the right. Send me pictures, true life stories, personal accounts and private thoughts.

And more than anything else … thanks for keeping it HOT!!! You guys are fucking amazing!