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Available now: Neoprene facemasks

These sporty, three-layer facemasks were made in response to the global Covid-19 crisis. Keep your friends safe and add a touch of style to your look with these sexy face masks. Who says you have to sacrifice style for safety? These masks will complement a wide variety of other kink/fetish gear and will be a sexy addition to your mask collection long after the health crisis has ended.

fetish face masks

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Note: these are also available in reversible hankie style

kinky covid face masks

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What color are you flagging with your facemask?

Available from Mr. S in a variety of “hanky code” colors, these masks are made from a double layer of material. The top layer is a traditional hanky pattern, while the backside is a black cotton. Wear it either way. Stylish, breathable and machine washable. Nylon/spandex ear straps keep the mask comfortably secured to your face. Look hot and be safe all at the same time!

kinky face mask

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Note: Mr. S has announced a donation of 500 masks to local organizations in San Francisco. It’s their way of giving back to help keep everyone safe.

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