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Hooded bondage: Christian Mitchell and Blue Bailey

Check out these shots from Mr S, featuring hot, hunky porn star @ChrisMitchellXX wearing a Fetters Deluxe Tight Hood and getting worked over by @BlueBaileyxxx:

Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_01 Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_02 Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_03 Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_04 Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_05

Fucking hot if you ask me!

Click for Deluxe Tight Hood


Hint: If you click through to the product listing above on the Mr S site, you can watch a short video of Christian Mitchell getting fucked by Blue Bailey while wearing this hood and other restraints. It’s not to be missed!

As Christian describes it, the hood fits snug throughout the head, especially around the jaw.

Lots more hoods available here

Male bondage gear: Wrist-to-ball restraint

If you’re into predicament style bondage, then this is a restraint for you. It connects your wrists directly to your nuts, so every move you make will tug on your low hangers for a mix of pleasure and pain. The nut strap is removable, so it also doubles as a handy set of wrist restraints.

Male bondage gear: Wrist-to-ball restraint


Click for Wrist to Ball Restraint

Electro play equipment available here

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Male bondage gear: Wrist-to-ball restraint

Inescapable bondage gear: Vector heavy padded bondage sleeves

Available from Mr S, these Vector Heavy Padded Bondage Sleeves offer an inescapable bondage experience that allows you to create an arms-crossed, straitjacket-style scene — or an arms-down, sleepsack-like scene! Both positions offer more body access and temperature control.

Inescapable bondage gear


Click for Vector Heavy Padded Bondage Sleeves

Fetters USA gear available from Mr S here

Hoods and muzzles here

male bdsm Inescapable bondage gear Mr S

Available now: Neoprene facemasks

These sporty, three-layer facemasks were made in response to the global Covid-19 crisis. Keep your friends safe and add a touch of style to your look with these sexy face masks. Who says you have to sacrifice style for safety? These masks will complement a wide variety of other kink/fetish gear and will be a sexy addition to your mask collection long after the health crisis has ended.

fetish face masks

Click for Neoprene Face Masks

Note: these are also available in reversible hankie style

kinky covid face masks

SUSPENSION GEAR from Mr S available here

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