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Available now: Neoprene facemasks

These sporty, three-layer facemasks were made in response to the global Covid-19 crisis. Keep your friends safe and add a touch of style to your look with these sexy face masks. Who says you have to sacrifice style for safety? These masks will complement a wide variety of other kink/fetish gear and will be a sexy addition to your mask collection long after the health crisis has ended.

fetish face masks

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Note: these are also available in reversible hankie style

kinky covid face masks

SUSPENSION GEAR from Mr S available here

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Pest Control – Part 2

By bndwolf80

gay bondage stories MetalbondNYCMatt had said it, and he was right: I was fucked.

I was tied up, tighly packed in neoprene, a plug pulsing inside me, and my cock straining and leaking in its cage. Trapped in the back of his van while he went about his day. My head covered in his sweaty gym  gear.  And yet, had there been no hood (or muzzle) you would have seen a contented smile on my face. His scent on his gear was intoxicating. I was trapped, but secure. Safe. And at constant maximum horniness.

Things were never boring, though. As the afternoon went on, Matt would switch up the program running the plug. He seemed to prefer strong pulses or cascades while he was driving, and low, gentle waves while he was at a house working. I always froze when I heard him open the rear of the van to get his gear or pack it back away, sometimes while chatting with his client. I was terrified of them finding me and getting Matt in trouble. (Don’t worry about me, I’m VERY happy where I am, thank you very much. Just don’t take away this beef stud of a man that I met only a few hours ago and who now had total control over me!)

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