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Officer Connor Maguire binds, beats and fucks his perverted prisoner

Caleb Colton, Connor Maguire

Officer Connor Maguire, a new officer on duty, watches over the perverted sex offender Caleb Colton. Caleb has been blindfolded and locked in chastity for his insubordination. Officer Maguire enters the cell and makes the pervert suck his fat cock and then fucks the prisoner’s tight hole with his nightstick. After receiving a vicious flogging from front to back, Caleb is suspended on his back, where Officer Maguire gives him the fuck of his life and blows his load on the prisoner’s face. Covered in cum, Caleb sprays his own load on the officer’s boot and licks up every drop of cum.

Caleb Colton, Connor Maguire29064_15

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The Palisade

By Marknorth

It had been a rough flight.  The little 18-seat puddle jumper had bounced and jerked through the storm for the entire 2 hours it was in the air.  Landing at the little rural airport had been an adventure in itself; the wind was so strong that the plane seemed to slide sideways down the runway.  Now he was standing in the rain with 5 other guys waiting for their ride.

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