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Metal’s Chastity Challenge for 2013

Metal's chastity challenge

Hey guys,

Who wants to spend part of 2013 locked in chastity? I’m looking for men who are willing to lock themselves up just like Chuck — aka “Kuffed” — did today.

My idea is to get a bunch of guys locked with a numbered lock, starting on January 1, then having everyone send in a picture every other week or so. We can think of a special prize to the guy who goes the longest without breaking his seal.

If you are interested in participating, send me a picture with a sign in it, listing your screen name and the words “Metal’s Chastity Challenge” and today’s date, just like Chuck did.

NOTE: You must have your own device and your own plastic numbered lock!

Metalbond locks another dude’s cock in chastity when he’s in a cage

Tonight (Wednesday) I had the opportunity to use a chastity device  on a NEW play buddy, a guy I just met two weekends ago at the Eagle. So … after I chained this dude by the neck into my cage, I ordered him to beat off without any lube:

After he shot his load on the floor of my cage, I told him I he was not getting released until he put on the chastity device. It took him a while to work his cock and balls through, and it took a bit of coaching and coaxing on my part, but eventually he managed to lock up his junk:

I kept him chained by the neck inside the cage as he inserted his balls and cock into the chastity device:

You may notice in these pictures that we used a plastic numbered lock, not the regular brass lock that came with the device itself. This is because my new bondage buddy has travel plans this coming weekend that will involve him going through airport security, and this plastic numbered lock won’t set off the metal detectors:

That’s right, he is heading out of town for the weekend to play with a serious BDSM top. In anticipation of the trip, this Top Man has ordered that my friend refrain from beating off from midnight tonight. So, thanks to the new cock cage and numbered lock — note that it is No. 081072 — we will be able to verify that his cock will be locked up for the next 48 hours at least. Perhaps longer if Top Man keeps him locked after he gets there. Here are some pictures of my bondage buddy before I sent him on his way (unfortunately I had to take the large chain and padlock off his neck):