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Mike Maverick gets tied up and edged

In this shoot from Men On Edge:

With a handsome face, muscled body and an eager cock, Mike Maverick gets into another hot edging session. He’s bound to the windows as Sebastian teases Mike’s bulging dick. Feeling the sensation of tit suckers on his nips, Mike is driven to ecstasy as a cock sleeve slides up and down his hard cock. Van and Sebastian bend over the muscled stud to take a look at his juicy ass, plunging a dildo deep in his hole as they bring him right to the edge. Mike can’t stand the tickle torment that ensues on the bed, but the tight bondage is no match for his squirms for escape. After shooting a hot load all over his stomach, Mike thinks he’s in the clear, but they surprise him with one more round of tickling before sending him on his way!

mike_maverick_gay_bondage_02 mike_maverick_gay_bondage_03 mike_maverick_gay_bondage_04 mike_maverick_gay_bondage_05

Title of this shoot: Tickled to the Extreme in Tight Bondage

Models in this shoot: Mike Maverick, Sebastian Keys, Van Darkholme

Short description: Mike Maverick gets tickled to the extreme before busting a huge load!

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Sebastian Keys trains a new slave at Bound Gods

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In this shoot from Bound Gods, Mike Maverick is slave #133, the new slave in Mr Sebastian Keys’ house. Mr Keys enters his new fuck slave’s cell and wastes no time playing with his hard cock. Mr. Keys tests his plaything’s ability to take a lot of punishment by tying him to the wall. Mr. Keys covers the pain slut’s tender body in clamps. #133 is able to withstand the intensity of the clamps long enough for Mr. Keys to reward him by whacking the clamps off with a crop. Mr. Keys then chains up #133, and unleashes his flogger on him. #133 begs for release by taking Mr. Keys throbbing dick down his throat. Mr. Keys then throws #133 off his cock and continues to flog him mercilessly. Mr. Keys likes to mix pain with his pleasure and gives #133 the privilege of taking Mr. Keys’ hard dick in his ass. #133 is locked in a stockade, while Mr. Keys canes him, while still pushing his cock down #133’s little hole. Mr. Keys approves of his new fuck slave and christens him with his hot cum. #133 is finally allowed to shoot his load all over Mr. Keys’ boots.

Sebastian_Keys_Mike_Maverick_gay_bondage_02 Sebastian_Keys_Mike_Maverick_gay_bondage_03 Sebastian_Keys_Mike_Maverick_gay_bondage_04 Sebastian_Keys_Mike_Maverick_gay_bondage_05 Sebastian_Keys_Mike_Maverick_gay_bondage_06 Sebastian_Keys_Mike_Maverick_gay_bondage_07

Title of this shoot: Mr Keys beats and fucks tough new slave

Models in this shoot: Sebastian Keys, Mike Maverick

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