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Tickle tortured on his birthday

Osiris and August want to do something different for Osiris’ birthday this year. Osiris is thinking that he wants a kinky present like getting tied up. August thinks that’s a great idea, but he takes it further. He ties Osiris up AND tickles him until he is breathless with laughter. Osiris is ticklish just about everywhere and he has a great laugh. August tickles him until he can’t take it anymore and then lets him get off while he’s still tied up. It’s a birthday to remember!

August Alexander and Osiris Blade

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Title of this video: Osiris Tickled

Models in this video: August Alexander and Osiris Blade

male tickle torture

Osiris Blade has a 10-inch dick, and he’s ready to get edged

Check out Osiris Blade at Men On Edge! Sebastian shows him around the Armory. When they get to main storage room for the sex toys and bondage restraints, Osiris can’t help but let his horny curiosity get the best of him. He lets Sebastian belt his cut body down to wheeled staircase for an edging session. Sebastian cuts off Osiris’ briefs to reveal an impossibly large cock, ten inches at least.

Osiris_Blade_gay_bondage_01 Osiris_Blade_gay_bondage_02 Osiris_Blade_gay_bondage_03

Discovering that Osiris’ nipples are hardwired to his dick, Sebastian works up a raging hard-on on the stud just by pinching and vibrating his nipples. Osiris moans and begs to cum as Sebastian runs two hitachis over his gigantic, pulsing dick. Sebastian ties Osiris up over a fuck box and edges him repeatedly with the toys he finds nearby, inserting a dildo deep within Osiris to heighten the pleasure. He stands Osiris up and finally milks a bucket full of cum from his firehose of dick.

Osiris_Blade_gay_bondage_04 Osiris_Blade_gay_bondage_05

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