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Bondage gear: Great Tools for Suspension

Check out these great tools for suspension, available from Mr S:



stirrips_sl022_06 stirrups_sl022_05 stirrups_sl022_07When you want to teach your man a lesson, putting him in these stirrups will do the trick. Strap him in and then raise him up. He’ll be completely and utterly defenseless for you to give him exactly what he deserves. And remember, if he’s hard that just means he needs some more!




buckle_SL054_2a buckle_SL054-3A buckle_SL054A_0Four Buckle Hand Restraints will have you spread-eagled or suspended in no time. They’re also perfect for a hot flogging scene to make sure your man stays in place! Made of strong leather, these restraints are intended to take a beating. Once you have your prisoner in them, you’ll be sure to find a reason to give him a beating of his own!




bar_PRE023-003 bar_PRE023-009 bar_PRE023-012A suspension bar can come in handy. These bars will let you do things to your prisoner that he never imagined – and he’ll thank you for that!

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