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Ryan teaches Andrew what slavery means

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In an apocalyptic new world, the last and few men on earth have to fend for themselves for survival. While roaming the woods, Ryan Bones stumbles upon what resembles to be a trap. A half-naked and dirty Andrew Green, with a sign around his neck that reads: ‘Protect Me. I Will Be Ur Slave.’ Ryan teaches Andrew what slavery means, first by having him suck on his thick cock and then by turning him over and fucking him until he cums.

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Title: The Last Men, Part 3

Featuring: Ryan Bones & Andrew Green

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Male BDSM porn: Bondage sex with a horny cop

Harvey Sid and Ryan Bones

Recording live, Harvey Sid is outdoors jerking off to the camera when he gets caught and finds himself in trouble with the law. But this cop isn’t just brutal, he wants in on Sid’s young mouth and ass. Never mind “Protect and Serve” — officer Ryan Bones just wants to serve!

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SITE: Masqulin.com / TheBroNetwork.com

VIDEO TITLE: The Cop Wants In, Part 2

STARRING: Harvey Sid, Ryan Bones

TAGS: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Deep Throat, Facial, Glanding, Tattoos

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