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Mikeintightpants gets Batcuffed !!

pair of replica Batcuffs

Mikeintightpants writes,

Most of you guys will have been handcuffed at some time or another – and some of you might even be handcuffed as you read this (!!) but I doubt whether many of you have ever been Batcuffed?

I’ve recently added to my collection a pair of replica Batcuffs, based on the cuffs that were used in the most recent Batman movie. Those original Batcuffs that were used in the movie subsequently sold on ebay for US$10,000 – and they didn’t even lock!! The difference with my Batcuffs is that they actually work properly – you can Batcuff your prisoner and he won’t get out until you’re ready to release him – it’s not a universal cuff key.

Made of stainless steel by Ian McColl, a manufacturing locksmith in Australia, they are noticeably heavier than, say, standard Smith & Wessons and before you ask – yes they are uncomfortable to wear! But good to have in my collection.

pair of replica Batcuffs


Thanks for the pictures and information, Mikeintightpants!