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Meet author Pablo Greene this weekend in NYC at Phoenix Bar!

Author Pablo Greene is having a “modest but badass” launch party for his new book, How to Kill a Superhero:
 World Without Daylight, this Saturday, July 5, from 3-5 at Phoenix Bar, in the East Village.



Pablo will read from the new book, and you can purchase a copy and get it autographed. “This event is not necessarily a gear event, but wear your gear if you’re inspired,” Pablo says.

Phoenix Bar
447 E 13th St
3-5 pm
Details here.

Here’s the cover of the book:


and you can:



 DOWNLOAD TO YOUR KINDLE (or Android/iOS device)




How to Kill a Superhero:
 World Without Daylight

By Pablo Greene


I tasted freedom in this lost edge of the world, and the shadows cast by the sun reminded me that I hadn’t seen another human being in these hills for weeks.

My journey threatened to destroy my body, but I enjoyed its hardship and how it toughened the skin on the soles of my feet, how it built calluses in places they had never existed before.

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 World Without Daylight

Burt Ward’s erection

Batman and Robin sure got tied up a lot on TV!

It was when I got home from school that I would watch syndicated episodes of the campy TV show Batman from the 1960s. It seemed that at the end of just about every episode the heroes Batman and Robin — played by Adam West and Burt Ward — ended up in some form of diabolical bondage. Often there were two-part episodes in which Batman and Robin would be tied up in a cliffhanger. Usually these episodes ended with the heroes tied up and facing some sort of slow and painful death. I would walk away imagining the heroes were still bound — even when I went to sleep at night.

Looking back on it now, it seems that Burt Ward was more into the bondage, more enthusiastic, more in on the whole thing, gave much better “verbal” — whereas Adam West played it much more “straight’” if you will.

Anyway, I credit the original TV show Batman (available at Amazon), along with the movie 20,0000 Leagues Under the Sea, with sparking my interest in erotic male physical restraint.



Captain America: Sadistic bondage master

RH over at Mencomix sent in this image and information:



RH writes,

Hey Metal,

I found this in the latest Marvel “A + X” #13: Captain America from The Avengers fighting Cyclops from X-Men.

“Once these liquid metal cuffs are deployed the lock mechanism and hinges melt into the restraint. There is not even a lock to pick and it’s stronger than Titanium.”

WO-OO-WOW — and Captain America has some tendencies towards a sadistic bondage master: “Let’s see you escape from those!”

The illustrator forgot to add some evil laughter HAR HAR HAR …

Yet, Marvel shows us what is coming on us bondage freaks soon!!!


Thanks, RH, for passing this along!

To see more from RH, check out his site, Mencomix


How to Kill a Superhero: A Gay Bondage Manual

By Pablo Greene

Chapter 1 — 
My Superhero Fetish

My name is Roland.

On the night of my twenty-eighth birthday, my friends took me out for dinner. We shared heaps of enchiladas, frosty bottles of beer, limes on the rim. I tossed back a couple of shots. I blew out candles on a red velvet cake, and our waitress led all of us at the table in an off-key rendition of the happy birthday song. Earlier, I had left my car at home on purpose, because I knew I would have a beer or two at the restaurant. By the time we paid the bill, I had drunk seven bottles and downed four shots. I walked home from dinner alone, comforted by the false safety provided by my cell phone and the gauzy softness of my whiskey buzz.

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Mega Fucked

Check out this new artwork from Herodotus, which he got inspired to create after seeing the recent update from Men On Edge:

Herodotus Mega Fucked Men On Edge Superheroes in bondage

Herodotus says:

“As I’m sure you know, sexually molesting/edging/raping superheroes is very serious business and requires extremely powerful (diabolical!) equipment!”

Here is the image from Men on Edge that inspired Herodotus:

Men On Edge superheroes in bondage

Metal would like to thank Herodotus for today’s Superheroes picture.

See the video that inspired the artist by clicking here