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Kink Olympics

Two naked studs compete in the Kink Olympics, and the first one to cum gets the grand prize!


In this vintage live show at Bound Gods, Tony Hunter and DJ compete in the Kink Olympics for the pleasure of dom Brenn Wyson, Van and the excited Bound Gods members watching it live from home.

Tony and DJ are tied up and told to escape their bondage and strip. The winner gets to walk along a row of vibrators. The loser gets to drag knotted rope across their balls and asshole. A heavy flogging gets the studs ready for an ass inspection. Then they’re suspended in the air as Brenn fucks their asses and dildos are shoved in their mouths.

In the final competition the competitors get canon balls tied to their nuts by the ice lock. If they can cross the platform of zappers and mousetraps they can try to melt the ice lock and cum on the sybian. Brenn gives the winner a huge load as the loser licks his own junk off of Brenn’s boot.

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Morgan Black takes Tony Hunter to his limits

In this vintage update over at Bound Gods, Tony Hunter is strewn up alone in Morgan Black’s playroom and ready for abuse. Morgan torments the captive’s nipples until his dick gets hard and then pulls him off the wall by his balls.


After a good flogging leaves Tony’s ass nice and red, Morgan shoves his cock down the prisoner’s throat while the tight bondage keeps his ass hook firmly in his hole. Tony’s endurance is pushed when he’s made to bite down on a rope connected to a bowling ball and his own zipper while Morgan crops the stud until he screams. Still hard, Tony is bound to the tilting fuck table and gets his throat and hole filled by Morgan’s cock. A hard fuck earns Tony a load on his face and the chance to lick his own load off of Morgan’s boot. The captive is left alone in the playroom, awaiting his Master’s return.

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Video here

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Muscle stud Dylan Roberts uses and abuses Tony Hunter

Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_01 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_02 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_03 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_04 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_05 Dylan_Roberts_and_Tony_Hunter_06

Muscle stud Dylan Roberts takes Tony Hunter into a crowded restaurant during lunch hour. The horny men grope the captive and make him suck cocks. Dylan walks Tony around and beats his ass for everyone’s enjoyment. Tony endures drinks thrown on him, the zipper, humiliation of licking cum off the dirty floor. They gang fuck the stud make him clean up by scrubbing the floor with his own body.



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More from the Bound Gods vault

Here are a couple more bondage porn shoots from the vault of Bound Gods. Clicking on the pictures will take you directly to these specific shoots:


They Cum from Outer Space – Part One


This one is about alien abduction, with fisting and semen extraction. Jackson Lawless is hiking along and a bright light stops him in his track. Jackson hears a man screaming while humanoid shapes move about in the bright light. He yells for them to stop and the bright light engulfs him. Bound and helpless, Jackson witnesses the aliens extract semen from the screaming stud. They drain him dry and move towards Jackson. He endures the horrific anal probe and fisting. They take turns fucking him and give him a double penetration that’s out of this world.

15774_p_10 15774_p_16 15774_p_18

Click for They Cum from Outer Space – Part One




The Other Brother and His Bad Boy


In this one, Spencer Reed dominates and fucks Tony Hunter in tight bondage. Tony Hunter has his brother’s apartment for the weekend. He brings leather daddy Spencer Reed home for a hot leather session. Spencer belittles the weak boy in the suit and that turns both of them on. Tony endures the flogger, hot wax, the cane and a hard bondage fuck. Spencer is in control and dominates Tony completely… leaves the captive begging for more.

15761_p_01 15761_p_03 15761_p_04

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