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Check out Trenton Ducati and Tyler Phoenix at Bound Gods: Huge cocks, cages, chains and corporal

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trenton_ducati_and_tyler_phoenix_gay_bondage_01 trenton_ducati_and_tyler_phoenix_gay_bondage_02 trenton_ducati_and_tyler_phoenix_gay_bondage_03 trenton_ducati_and_tyler_phoenix_gay_bondage_04


In this shoot from Bound Gods:

Tyler Phoenix awakens in a tiny cage, as a shadowy figure peers out from another cell. This caged beast is Trenton Ducati, and he controls this place. He exits his lair and walks towards Tyler. Tyler’s only clothing left is quickly ripped away, leaving him exposed and ready. Trenton toys with Tyler’s huge uncut cock before pulling his balls through the cage for a better view. Trenton lets the quick stings of the zapper guide Tyler across the floor, so Trenton can chain him a against a cage and pummel every inch of him. Trenton climbs up the cage face face fucks his fuck slave, until he is fully submissive to his new master. Tyler crawls to his master, dragging lengthy chains attached to his wrists and feet. Trenton attaches the chains to a bar, and picks out his preferred flogger to test on his pet. Trenton arcs around Tyler and flogs him from every angle releasing every kind of scream imaginable from Tyler’s whore mouth. Trenton quiets the room by making Tyler tongue fuck his asshole. Trenton soon decides it’s time to give some attention to Tyler’s hole, and sticks his huge cock inside. Trenton is pleased with his new cage slave, and christens him with hot cum. Tyler thanks his master by shooting his load across his shiny leather boots.


trenton_ducati_and_tyler_phoenix_gay_bondage_05 trenton_ducati_and_tyler_phoenix_gay_bondage_06 trenton_ducati_and_tyler_phoenix_gay_bondage_07 trenton_ducati_and_tyler_phoenix_gay_bondage_08 trenton_ducati_and_tyler_phoenix_gay_bondage_09


Models in this shoot: Trenton Ducati, Tyler Phoenix

Title of this shoot: New Sub, Tyler Phoenix: Caged and Tormented

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Tied in the locker room in football pads and shorts

Freshman bound jock Tyler Phoenix is tied up in the locker room in his football pads and shorts.


Dolan Wolf, a senior, comes in and starts taunting the tight end and wonders if the jock truly does have a “tight end.” Dolan rips the tape gag off the freshman and forces him to suck his big, uncut cock. Dolan forcefully pulls down the jock’s pants and starts playing with the jock’s uncut tool, humiliating him even further.

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_Bound_Jocks_01 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_Bound_Jocks_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_Bound_Jocks_03


Models in this shoot: Tyler Phoenix, Dolan Wolf

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