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Groom gets tied up after his bachelor party

A nightlong bachelor party can be a lot of fun; especially if you get to see the groom stripped naked and tied up! And that’s what hotel manager Dolan Wolf walks in on the morning after a rowdy night of male bonding. Initially annoyed at the trashed hotel room, Dolan’s attention is quickly taken by the stunning young bachelor, hand-tied to the headboard. Seeing Marco Rubi tied and helpless is too much for Dolan – he’s not going to let an opportunity like this pass him by. So ignoring the weak pleas to be untied, Dolan begins to play with Marco’s dick. He plays with it gently until it’s fully hard and with Marco still tied up, Dolan then takes his dick to the back of his throat before fingering Dolan’s young tight ass. Marco’s ‘I’m straight and I’m getting married’ pretense doesn’t hold up anymore. Dolan lifts Marco’s legs in the air to pound his hole, all the time tied to the bed. Hours later Marco will be getting married but for now, he is ‘Just Fucked’!

bachelor party tied up

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Title of this shoot: Just Fucked, Editor’s Cut

groom gay sex

Viewers choice at Bound Jocks: Bob Hager and Dolan Wolf


Bound Jock Dolan Wolf is tied on his stomach with his hairy ass in the air. Bob Hager comes into the room and takes advantage of the helpless jock by drilling both of his holes. First, he starts with Dolan’s open mouth until he is nice and hard and then Bob walks around the back of the tied up man to stick it in his rear end. Using the ankle ropes as handles, Bob power fucks Dolan until he cums.

Bob_Hager_and_Dolan_Wolf_Bound_Jocks_Metalbond_02 Bob_Hager_and_Dolan_Wolf_Bound_Jocks_Metalbond_03 Bob_Hager_and_Dolan_Wolf_Bound_Jocks_Metalbond_04 Bob_Hager_and_Dolan_Wolf_Bound_Jocks_Metalbond_05


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Tied in the locker room in football pads and shorts

Freshman bound jock Tyler Phoenix is tied up in the locker room in his football pads and shorts.


Dolan Wolf, a senior, comes in and starts taunting the tight end and wonders if the jock truly does have a “tight end.” Dolan rips the tape gag off the freshman and forces him to suck his big, uncut cock. Dolan forcefully pulls down the jock’s pants and starts playing with the jock’s uncut tool, humiliating him even further.

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_Bound_Jocks_01 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_Bound_Jocks_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_Bound_Jocks_03


Models in this shoot: Tyler Phoenix, Dolan Wolf

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From the vault at COLT: Armour

Check out this one from COLT:

COLT Kristofer WestonGagged, cuffed, collared and chained, Dolan Wolf is helpless, bound to a 4-post dungeon bed as leather-clad Wilfried Knight zeroes in on him. Wilfried treats Dolan like prey with intense eye contact, verbal taunting and lots of rough manhandling. Pulling out a key, Wilfried makes a deal with Dolan offering his release, but first he makes Dolan promise to give him “everything” he wants. Dolan hastily agrees with an eager and hungry nod.

COLT Kristofer WestonDolan Wolf and Wilfried KnightDolan Wolf and Wilfried Knight

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