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Iowa Cowboy – Part 04

By Atlanta Stud

With spring break approaching, Dave and I wanted to get away from campus, but we didn’t feel like hanging out with a bunch of college kids in Daytona getting wasted every day. We were on the web looking at potential cabins to rent for a week at a state park when Brody popped in and asked what’s up. Filling Brody in, he told us to scrap that plan because his folks have a small cabin about three hours out that we could all go to … that is, if we didn’t mind having him along for the week. So it was set that we’d leave that Friday morning of spring break.

When I got back to our room after taking my shower the morning of our departure, I noticed two packed bags on the floor. Dave saw the inquisitive look on my face and said not to worry, everything I’d need is taken care of and to get dressed. He had laid out my attire for the trip … jeans, boxer briefs, long-sleeve olive thermal shirt, brown belt, my desert tan military boots and day old socks.

I was pulling on the boots when Brody, in jeans, short sleeve sweatshirt and his black speed lace military boots and sporting a fresh military haircut walked in carrying his duffel bag. “Let’s hit the road, men!” he barked as he dropped his duffel bag on the floor.

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By Norm

Norm gay bondage storiesI was curious, seems to always get the best of me, but I couldn’t help it. I was walking along an unfamiliar deserted street, when the unmistakable smell of leather came across my nose in front of this imposing abandoned building that reminded me of someone’s castle. Looked like it must have been a boarding house in its final days. Right now it looked tired but grand, but that smell pulled me toward it. I had to try and go in to see what it was like. Didn’t look dangerous, and my fantasies were in high gear. I told myself nothing could happen, this is a safe part of town.

I tried the old wooden door, heavy and solid, needing some cosmetic help, but impressive nonetheless — and it swung open, easily. Odd I thought, but it didn’t stop me.

This must have been someone’s mansion at some point I thought as I entered a dusty but elegant entry. Leathery smells wafted around the room. Sunlight filtered down from the stairway windows, glittering on the remaining crystals in the chandelier as I moved into the room. Caught up in the moment, I sauntered up the massive staircase like an Earl of the Manor. As I got to the top enjoying the feeling, I heard and felt the vibrations of the massive front door slamming shut.

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Payback is a bitch for a crooked security officer

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Payback is a bitch for a crooked security officer

When a dirty Loss Prevention Officer gets caught screwing around with perps on camera, his hung black supervisor decides to discipline him. He sticks his BBC in the officer’s puckering asshole, making him do everything he has ever had the perps do for him. Payback’s a bitch!


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