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Taylor gets boynapped by Xavier

Meanwhile at Boynapped, Taylor has been caught by Xavier, who is going to make the most of the time he has. With the captive roped up and swinging, he sucks the hanging cock beneath and makes full use of the molten wax, slinging it against the prisoner’s naked body, above and below, making Taylor yelp with pain. With the captive’s perfect little arse spanked red and his cock toyed with, Xavier torments the twink in every way he can imagine, even covering his sensitive bare feet with molten wax too! As he’s gradually lowered to the dirty mattress Taylor might think it’s over, but he should know there’s a lot more coming up in part 2.

Taylor gets boynapped by Xavier


See the VIDEO at Boynapped

Scene Title: Taylor Mason & Xavier Sibley

Scene Description: Taylor Tormented – Part 1

gay bondage twinks

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