The Leather Journal interviews Jack Fritscher

The Leather Journal has published a really good interview with Jack Fritscher — a writer, journalist, photographer and longtime editor of Drummer magazine. To read the interview (recommended!) click the picture directly below to be taken to The Leather Journal:


For those of you younger guys, Drummer magazine was THE PLACE to go for gay men into kink, back in the pre-internet days. One of Jack’s many books is Leather Walk of Fame, a look back at Drummer magazine.


Also you can find his many books — both fiction and non-fiction — at Amazon.

NOTE: Leather Walk of Fame is forthcoming later in 2015. However, Mr. Fritscher has posted the text of that book, plus the texts of all his books, as a “Leather Community Service” to give free access to all — so that no one has to pay anything to read or write about their leather history.

You can find these books and much more about Jack Fritscher at his official website.

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