This Changes Everything

By ty dehner

In one’s life there are moments that change our way of thinking while moving us to a path we never thought we’d take. Many of them happen when we are young, some happen later in life and make more of an impact. This is my story of one of the events that changed everything.

Life was good, I was living alone with good friends and a good kink life while creating media for an online kink world. I had recently become self employed that provided me with new ideas to explore. One was attending an annual rubber gathering in Canada. It had been occurring for many years, but I never had the time or guts to travel across the border and experience it. This year was different, and I made the decision that I was going.

There was a theme to the event something like the future. I happened to have a black wet suit and a really cool full-face snow mobile helmet. So, I put together a pair of MX boots and gloves, added battery powered lights in the helmet and got myself a police duty belt and planned on going to the main gathering on Saturday night as a Cop of the Future.

A while before the event one of my friends that had an amazing rubber collection mentioned he wanted to go. That Friday morning, we headed North to Canada and ended up arriving that afternoon at the hotel that was the host of the rubber event. Looking back, it wasn’t the greatest of places, run down but it was cheap. We spent some time explore Vancouver before the time came in the evening to go to the event night at the local bar. My friend was wearing a rubber suit and I was wearing used fireman bunker jacket with tall brown rubber fireman boots from an era where firefighters didn’t wear bunker pants. I also had a helmet that went with my gear.

We found the bar and it was crowded with some guys in gear and many not in any gear. That seems to be common at gear events. Disappointing in a way as it is always great to have an excuse to go out in public and be with guys that like gear as much as one does. After a while we found a table to sit at and were joined by a couple of other local guys that were in rubber gear also.

Then he appeared for the first time. He was wearing a blue football jersey with white numbers and jeans. The guys I was with thought he was hot, and frankly I couldn’t disagree. For the rest of the night all they could do was talk about him, how to meet him, and how great he looked. There was a gear contest and the Football guy appeared and disappeared during the festivities. Towards the end of the contest one of my friends left and waded into the crowd. After a few minutes he returned with the Football guy and my all friends were really thrilled to have him there. He and I caught glances a couple of time, but my friends were so interested in him it was amazing they didn’t jump him and tackled him to the floor. He was handsome, a high and tight haircut with a goatee. I was thinking he must be ex-military or a cop. His blue eyes were welcoming, and he wore his jersey well. He was polite and smiled on occasion. I could tell he was nervous and a bit uncomfortable with all the attention they were giving him.

Then he asked a question that changed the tone of the night and was the first step in a weekend that would change my life.

“So, who is your fireman friend?”, Football guy asked looking directly at me.

My friends went silent, all their attention and lusting was not what he was interested in. They were speechless. They hadn’t introduced me, and I hadn’t said anything at is was impossible to get a word in edge wise. He moved over next to me and I introduced myself and looked at him for the first time. He had what I considered chiseled features and there was a slight smile on his face as we talked for the first time. At this point I don’t remember many details as my world had been rocked by a guy being interested in me. I had never been picked up in a bar. Up to now all the guys I had met had been through the internet. Sure, I had some amazing experience but now I was meeting a guy in person and he seemed interested in me.

I don’t know what we talked about, but it was pleasant, and I was feeling good. Fuck, I was floating on air and I wanted to yell to everyone, “He is interested in me!” I think my friends disappeared as they were no longer interested in Football guy. We talked for a long while, but it was getting late and he said he had to go. He asked if I was going to be at the rubber event Saturday night and I confirmed that I would. He stated we might see each other there. He left the bar and I watched as he left. I met up with my friend and headed back to the hotel. As we drove in my truck, we saw Football guy walking on the sidewalk and waved to him. He smiled back and my friend turned to me and just grinned at me. He could tell that sparks were flying that night.

That night I did nothing but think of him. But it was more about being thought of as special by a guy. That can make one feel wonderful in this world of rejection. Building one’s ego is a good thing. During the day my friend and explored Vancouver more and talked more than once about Football guy. There was a lot of what if this and what if that. It was if I was a fucking school boy! We had dinner and then headed back to the hotel for the big event.

I suited up in my wet suit, mx boots, police belt and gloves, bring my helmet with me. My friend was wearing a full rubber cat suit and we both looked great. We arrived at the rubber event and there was a good group of people there. People admired our gear, just as we admired theirs.

Football guy came up to me wearing brown rubber pants with attached feet and in a leather straitjacket. He was a bit shy but mentioned he was glad I came and really liked the gear I was in. I told him I liked his straitjacket and he said it belonged to a friend. He did hang with me for a while and we put him in my futuristic cop helmet and took some photos. After a while he said he had to go back to his friend, and we parted ways.

He returned after a while, no longer in the straitjacket but still in the rubber pants and t-shirt. He took me by the arm and leading me to a private spot away from others. Staring me directly in the eyes and in a firm voice, he told me,

“My friend is letting me borrow that leather straitjacket and you’re going in it. I’ll decide when you get out.”

Those were the words that changed my world forever. He just told me what was going to happen. He didn’t ask, we didn’t discuss it, it was a fact that was going to happen. No man had ever had that confidence to just to what he know was right. I honestly don’t remember what happened next. I am certain it responded with “Yes, Sir.” and just couldn’t look away from those blue eyes.

He took me to a room and wanted to wear my wetsuit and boots. I ran out to the truck and grab a bag that I had brought that contained some MX gear just in case I decided to change later. As I took off my wetsuit, he put it on. It was very sweaty, and he mentioned he liked that. I put on the MX pants and jersey and he put on the MX boots. Then he held it up, the leather straitjacket. It was custom made with a flat chest that was heavily padded. My arms went in the sleeve and I was getting hard in the MX pants. I had barely met this guy and he was putting me in a straitjacket. He wrapped my arms around me, and I could smell the leather. He wasn’t too gentle as he made sure the straps were pulled very tight to keep me bound for as long as he wanted. He checked it all making sure it was secure. He punched and slapped my body to show that I was going to take what he was going to give out. He reached behind him and put a rubber gas mask hood over my head. He held his hand to the breathing holes and the mask sucked to my face. He didn’t take his eyes off me and just enjoyed touching, slapping and punching me as his captive.

He took me to a sofa and pushed me on it. There I was trapped, and he just fondled me all over my body and I was starting to sweat. The gas mask hood eye pieces where getting foggy as he just had is way with me. He would look at me and tell me how much he loved the way I am secured and sweat was pouring down his forehead. Some guys would stop and watch but he didn’t let anyone else touch me. He wanted me all to himself. He would knead my cock and balls like a ball of dough sometimes lightly punching them. This would make me yelp into the hood.

After a while he pulled me forward and soon, I was in the middle of the room on the floor. He allowed guys in their tall rubber boots to stomp me, kick me, roll me around. I could see them standing over me through the foggy lenses. Football guy was not in view, but I felt safe and knew he would be around again. Guys would put their boots on my cock and add pressure and it felt damn good.

We barely knew each other but he showed he was in charge of me. I was hard as a rock because of the control by him and his just doing what he wanted. There was a trust between us. Sure, being in a group setting helped but there was something more. Deep inside I had always wanted a man just to do what he wanted with me. He knows what I want and knows I want to please him with everything fiber of my being.

After a long while he grabbed me by the shoulders and put me back on the sofa where it was just him again. He just enjoyed feeling, grabbing, touching me. The night went on and there was no suggestion as to when the jacket was going to come off. He disappeared for a bit and his friend had put him in bondage with his arms behind his back and a muzzle. They brought him in front of me, but I could see he was embarrassed to be bound as he was. He looked good, especially in my wet suit. But I could tell he didn’t want me to see him in a submissive mode. They all laughed and thinking back I think these guys just couldn’t handle that Football guy could have control over someone like me and had to handle their own insecurities by pushing him down and making him look weak. It was cruel in many ways and I didn’t like those that thought it was necessary.

They released him after a while, and he came and didn’t leave me again. He didn’t say anything about what happened, and it wasn’t important. All I knew is that he was the one that put me in the straitjacket, and he was going to keep me in it. He continued to rough me up and showing me that I was controlled by him.  I was so hard and would just moan in the gas mask, feeling the tightness of the leather and straps. I admired how hard he was working as the sweat was all over his head. I also thought about getting to wear my wetsuit after he had got done sweating in it!

As it does, the night was coming to an end and Football guy released me. I stayed in my MX gear and he put on his jeans and shirt. I didn’t want to leave him, so I offered to give him a ride home as my rubber friend had met someone and was going home with him. As we were driving back into the city I asked if he wanted to go to the hotel room for a while and try on the Fireman gear. He looked at me and smiled and said he truly did. Football guy and I went to my room and he saw the fireman bunker coat. I suggested he put it on. He lifted it up and mentioned about the weight and the slight smoky smell of it as it was a used coat. I gave him the rubber firefighter boots to put on and slide right into them.

We laid on the bed him in the bunker coat and boots, me in the MX gear. We started talking and it just flowed out of us. He mentioned that he was disappointed when they had put him in bondage and the muzzle and paraded him in front of me while I was secured in the straitjacket. I knew it upset him and I told him it didn’t change how I thought of him. Sure, we had just met but he impressed me so much by the confidence to just put me in the leathers without any discussion. Deep inside, he said, he knew it was just the right thing to do and I need to be treated that way.

Have you ever met someone that you connected with without any effort or thought? Nothing was planned it just happened. It was so comfortable. In no time it was early morning and we had talked the night through like we had known each other for years. It was talk from the heart and nothing was held back.

I had to get him back to his place as he had to work in a few hours. I took him home. I decided that I didn’t need anything more from the weekend and packed up my gear and checked out early and headed across the border and home. It was funny as I had my gear in the back of my truck and the bag was right behind me in the bed. As I crossed the border the border guard reached in and unzipped my bag to find the bunker gear. He asked if I was a firefighter and without hesitation, I told him no I wasn’t I just like to wear it. He zipped it back up, without a word, and just motioned for me to move along.

I was on such a high that I didn’t care what anyone thought. Driving home my thoughts just played the weekend over and over and I couldn’t wait to talk to Football guy again. Looking back, I think I fell in love that weekend and frankly a day has not gone by that I don’t think of him and that night where he just did what a Master should do.

It has been many years since that time and Football guy and did have more times. Many of those times are things I think of fondly and he certainly is someone that I think of daily. He did spoil me for anytime a guy meets me, I expect him to just take charge. So many guys are too weak for what I seek. I might trust too easily but I know that for me, I respond best to a strong, confident man. He doesn’t have to be an asshole, just sure of what he is and what he wants.

What happened to him? Well that is another story that I might tell another time. Right now, I just wanted to remember that day, that feeling of emotions that don’t allow anything to ruin the moments. I hope that you have a time like that that changes you for the better and experience something that you know is just right. It never has to be discussed or question, it just happens, it just is, and it only happens between you and that other guy.


The End

© Copyright 2019 ty dehner all rights reserved

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  1. Thank you for sharing this very personal hot story. It felt like a love letter too. Hope good things have and will continue to come your way.

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