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The WORC Program – Part 05

By Joshua Ryan

Needless to say, I was exhausted. I was glad that the next thing they did was to lock us back in our boxes and feed us another workie bar. I gobbled the awful thing down and fell asleep on my awful, horrible bunk.

But just because I was calling it a day didn’t mean that Boss Drum was. I don’t know when, because without any clocks or cell phones to look at I was losing track of time, but at some moment that was way too soon there was a bang on the door and a key turning in the lock, and I had to STEP OUT and LINE UP and STAND AT ATTENTION while Boss Drum introduced us to yet another workie who was appointed to order us around. This one was a young black guy, very precise in the way he talked, and he was there to “start you workies off on your on-the-job training for your future positions in life.” The name on his shirt was Grig, and our first on-the-job training was washing floors. “And I’m gonna go ahead right now and tell you about how to do that.”

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This Changes Everything

By ty dehner

In one’s life there are moments that change our way of thinking while moving us to a path we never thought we’d take. Many of them happen when we are young, some happen later in life and make more of an impact. This is my story of one of the events that changed everything.

Life was good, I was living alone with good friends and a good kink life while creating media for an online kink world. I had recently become self employed that provided me with new ideas to explore. One was attending an annual rubber gathering in Canada. It had been occurring for many years, but I never had the time or guts to travel across the border and experience it. This year was different, and I made the decision that I was going.

There was a theme to the event something like the future. I happened to have a black wet suit and a really cool full-face snow mobile helmet. So, I put together a pair of MX boots and gloves, added battery powered lights in the helmet and got myself a police duty belt and planned on going to the main gathering on Saturday night as a Cop of the Future.

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Captured – Chapter 4

By Rubrpig

After a week in residence, the executions of the men who refused to swear loyalty to Earl Robert were dragged out of the dungeons of Wessex Castle and taken to the scaffolds and hung. After the last traitor was hanged, the Earl’s men heard approaching horses and they immediately raised the alarm and the castle garrison took their positions on the walls of the castle.

A group of 4 riders rode up to the drawbridge, and demanded entry in the name of King Henry. One of the riders wore the livery of a King’s messenger and the captain of the guard ordered the gates opened so the men could enter the castle. The King’s messenger and his guards rode into the courtyard and dismounted quickly and demanded to be taken to the presence of the Earl. The messenger was escorted to the great hall where the Earl had just finished eating.

The messenger approached and handed over the message which the Earl opened and began reading. The message was from his King and informed him that he could expect the King and his men to arrive at the castle to break their journey for several days prior to resuming their progress to London where the King would be crowned at Westminster Abbey.

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Billy and Me – Part 4

By Tommy Guns

 I think Billy needed to be completely in charge of my life, and wanted to expand my experiences to the maximum. He once told me a story of a prisoner he had abused in the Brig. The guy was awaiting a General Court Martial for desertion, and was being held in maximum security with little or no contact with other prisoners. Billy took advantage of the situation by offering favors and extra privileges in exchange for sexual activity that included bondage, toys and, eventually, a gang rape involving other guards and prisoners.

He described it in such detail, and became so aroused with each telling, that I soon decided that it might be worth experimenting a little more, and expand my horizons.

I asked Billy to introduce one of his friends to our scenes just to see how it would go down, and whether it was something I wanted to get into on a more regular basis. Quite frankly, part of me realized that unless I was willing to get more deeply into bondage and group scenes that I would eventually lose Billy. That was not a chance I was willing to take.

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You’re in No Position to Negotiate – Part 03

By nyc49

The rest of the week dragged on. I couldn’t get my mind off the fact that I was locked up. Not just that I was locked up, but that I had locked myself up. I’m usually pretty risk-averse, but here I was with my dick locked up, and I had sent the key off to God knows where. I might never hear back from Ted, if that was even his real name, I might never see that key again. I was beginning to understand what it meant when I wrote “I give up control” on that envelope. The key should have reached him by Thursday, but as of Friday night, he had not sent me a message letting me know it had arrived or when I could come to him to get unlocked.

I woke up on Saturday, hoping that there would be something in my inbox to let me know I was going to be released. Nothing. I didn’t want to leave the house in case he sent an e-mail and I didn’t get it, so I sat at the computer. Not much point in looking for porn, given that I was locked up, but maybe I could find something to distract me. Finally, I heard the “ping” that I had a message.

“Be at the Trenton train station at 3.”

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