Tied and Fucked by Motorcycle Boy Eric

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason story gay demonShortly after I moved to California, I had my first bondage role play experience. It was with an attractive motorcycle guy named Eric. Both of us were young men, I was 23 at the time and he was 25. We met on a website and worked out the details of the fantasy role play when we determined we were cool. He wanted to be the “top,” he said he didn’t bottom. I accepted.

He came over one weekend night and roleplayed as if he was robbing my apartment, catching me asleep. I had left the front door unlocked so he could walk in. Because we both liked sports gear, I had suited up in football pants and a jersey. He came over in his full motorcycle racing leathers including tight fitting leather race gloves.

He “surprised” me in my sleep and handcuffed me quickly so he could get the scene situated. I got an erection the moment those cuffs were snapped around my wrists. He “warned” me to stay quiet, or else.

Eric removed his backpack, which was his own bag of tricks. He had everything from leather restraints, duct tape, rope, more handcuffs, gags, a dildo, you name it, in there. He dumped them all out on the bed while I stood watching silently on my knees hands cuffed behind my back.

I eventually got tied spread eagle face down to my bed, while still wearing my football pants. He fitted my mouth with a thick rubber padded silencer gag. It had a penis shaped rubber plug that inserted into my mouth for extra quieting. I didn’t think my boner could get any harder but the act of being gagged by him really turned me on.

While I was bound and gagged, Eric explored my body and got very playful and a little cruel in a good way. He had a smell fetish, which was something I hadn’t fully developed myself at the time. He reached into his leather motorcycle pants at his crtoch then leaned down to my face and made me smell his ball sweat that coated his fingertips. He tickle tortured me. He spanked me really hard. He even buried his face into my ass crack and lightly rimmed me, which was a first for me. He was really in to me. I sure as hell was in to him. Periodically he reached under my pants and stroked my dick. I was so close to cumming.

Then he startled me with something I didn’t expect and thought I wouldn’t accept; anal penetration. Eric took one of my pillows and propped it underneath my crotch so my butt stuck out in the air. He took a dildo that he lubed up, pulled down my football pants, my jockstrap, and then started to probe my butthole with it!

After a few minutes of discomfort, I finally started to tolerate it, which was his goal. He wanted to loosen me up. He took off his leather jacket, pulled down his pants, put on a condom and announced he was going to fuck me in my own bed while I was tied down!

I started to squirm and make some disapproving gestures, shooting him a concerned look with my face. He continued with his plan to penetrate me, noting that I wasn’t using the safe signal. If during our scene, as we previously planned, there was something that was an absolute nonstarter, I was to grunt three times. Though I was whimpering with worry, I decided to deal with it and didn’t activate the safety signal.

It was very awkward and painful at first, being fucked, but Eric was a smooth operator, slowly making his way inside of me. It helped that he didn’t have a necessarily big cock and he knew how to use it, regardless. After a few minutes of his balls slapping against my butt cheeks, it eventually became a rush of excitement and desire. I was loving it. When I came, I shot hard and he soon followed.

Afterwards, he freed me and we got into some intense kissing followed by pillow talk over a few beers. We laughed about how the robbery roleplay didn’t pan out considering how into each other we were. It wasn’t his first time at BDSM roleplay, however. In fact, he admitted he’d done this kind of thing many times so he was happy he showed me the ropes so to speak. He also wasn’t totally gay as he liked sex with girls too. When it got time for bed, we both wanted to keep it light between us so I helped him pack up his things. I walked to the carport with him and watched Eric put on his helmet and ride away on his Ninja motorcycle.

Metal would like to thank SockgaggedJason for this story!

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