Update: Master Mike’s computer-controlled lockdown

Master Mike writes,

Here is the final piece of my electro magnet setup. I wrote this program that can be run from any PC with internet access. It basically controls the remote timer connected to the electro magnet system. There are two timers, the local timer that cannot be remotely controlled and is currently set to 8 hours, and the remote time that is currently set to 2 hours and can be controlled by the prison guard program. Both timers need to be active for the magnet to be on. The prison guard program can be used to set up cycles to reset the remote timer. It can also be used to optionally set release time after the execution of a number of cycles.

In the example below, the cycle time is set to 32 minutes and set for 7 cycles:


When 3 cycles remain, the program will release the magnet for 2 seconds.

This works out to be a maximum restraint time of 03:44:06 with the earliest possible release of 02:08:00. As you can see in the example below, I slept through the first two early release cycles.



The system is completely safe. The remote time cannot exceed the local time value currently set to 8 hours. If the internet connection is lost, then the remote time will finish out its 2-hour time and release the magnet. In the case of a power failure, the magnet will release.

That being said, there is no other escape.

Only Paul knows the password to access the prison guard program and relay. I cannot clear the timers from my iPad or by calling anyone else to release the timer. The only way I can get out is to call Paul. As for the bed, the left arm is held by the magnet, which has a 1,200-pound hold that is bolted to the floor with the wires running under the carpet. There is no way to pull it off. At the bottom of the magnet block is the key to unlock the restraints. There is absolutely no way to escape. The same system works on the gurney and for the cage.

There is also a camera for the guard to monitor and communicate with the prisoner.

IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_2409



Metal would like to thank Master Mike for sharing this information and sending these pictures!


3 thoughts on “Update: Master Mike’s computer-controlled lockdown”

  1. I am in control of the system remotely. By activating the magnets, my Sir (Boy when I’m in control) is strapped down and can’t escape without my say so, or if PrisonGuard releases him. The system is also used on me when I’m over with him. WOOF WOOF!!

  2. This is amazing! Not only is it a genius program (which you could and should totally capitalize on! – tons of people would probably want this!), but I also love the way you utilize it and your style of bondage. I am huge into medical/psych play myself. Do you have a profile on recon or fetlife?!


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