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In memory of Paul

There’s an empty cage right now where a happy occupant ought to be. Paul, aka Bear Paul, a kind and loving man, died last week as the result of a health issue. Paul enjoyed bondage, especially locking metal restraints, and most of all, cages! He was a native of Ireland, but he spent much time in the United States with his companion and “partner in crime,” Mike, aka Master Mike, with whom he shared many memorable experiences over the years.

Bear Paul and Master Mike


Metal would like to express heartfelt condolences to Mike, whose heart is broken over Paul’s passing.

Cuffsman10 accepts Master Mike’s handcuff challenge

This afternoon, Cuffsman10 sent the pictures and information below.


Cuffsman10 writes,

I waited in anticipation for the cuffs to arrive as UPS always delivers in the afternoon. As I came back from running errands the package was waiting near the front door. How I just wanted to drop everything and just tear open the package like a Christmas morning present. But restraint took ahold of me even though I new what was in the envelope.

After unloading the car, I rushed downstairs with the package and tore it open, just to find the cuffs ready and waiting with no exposed key holes. So I slipped into my military gear, heart pounding against my chest. And then a quick ratchet of the cuffs and there I stood, hard pounding and racing stuck. How will I get out is all that I ponder, but now I noticed the raging hardon down below. I finished my business but my only thought was this could have been hotter if I showed more restraint and wore the steelheart.

I will get out of these cuffs eventually.

Challenge accepted Men, welded cuffs are on and not coming off soon.


Way to go, Cuffsman10!


MetalbondNYC_cuff_challenge_02 MetalbondNYC_cuff_challenge_03


Reader challenge from Master Mike


Master Mike writes,

Dear Metal,

I have come up with a challenge for your readers. I have a pair of handcuffs that I have welded the key holes closed (picture attached). Once they’re on, they will not be coming off without some serious effort. If any of your readers are willing to take up the challenge, then they will win a brand new pair of tuff cuffs. All they have to do is put the cuffs on and post the picture to your website. I will mail the welded cuffs to anyone in the USA willing to take the challenge. Maybe Chuck? He is not one to pass up a challenge. Hope to hear from you soon.



Thanks, Master Mike! I hope some brave guy is willing to take the challenge! If anyone is gullible brave enough, send me an email and I will put you in touch!

UPDATE: The cuffs are spoken for. The results will appear on Metalbond in the near future!

Punishment and Presents — Woof Woof!!

By Paul

The morning started off with some punishment for me. Sir strapped me down to the bed with e-stim straps around my cock and balls and another strap across my ass. Using his PrisonGuard program, I was subjected to e-stim punishment for the best part of an hour. PrisonGuard was in control … It worked in two modes … Punishment mode and rest mode. In rest mode there was no power being supplied to the e-stim box, and I could rest in my spread eagle position. In punishment mode, PrisonGuard would randomly send power to either the straps around my cock and balls, or the strap across my ass, or BOTH!! I can honestly say, the e-stim to the cock and balls was the toughest to cope with, be it on its own or in conjunction with power being sent to the ass strap. When power was sent to the ass strap alone, I could endure it better but it was still intense!


PrisonGuard would randomly pick how long it would spend in each mode. So at one point I had about one minute in rest mode followed by nine minutes in punishment mode!! As I lay on the bed, when the hood wasn’t on, I could see the countdown on the screen as each mode played out. It seemed to take forever for the punishment modes to pass, but the rest modes would fly by really quickly. As the final ten seconds of rest mode counted down, I would brace myself knowing that once that counter hit zero, something in my pants was about to get fried! During the whole punishment session, Sir sat on a chair, or on the bed next to me, watching his Boy being punished, and sometimes offering me a pat on the head for some reassurance from him … Woof Woof!!

This afternoon there was a knock at a door, and Sir got a nice big box in the mail. It was a present he had treated himself to for his birthday, something he has had his eye on for years and always wanted … It was the Mr. S Leather Deluxe Leather Sleepsack Fetters USA!

Sir has had his eye on this for years, and he decided it was time he got it, and Woof Woof does he love it!! He got it with all the optional attachments on it, and it’s a very professional piece of kit indeed! Once we had time to examine it, it was time to give it its initial test run. I put him into it and zipped it closed around him and then strapped him shut into it. The interior is leather lined, making it a very snug fit, and the build quality is so good that he said it’s very comfy, snug and escape proof! This is just our initial test run of the new sleepsack, and right now, as I type this, I can hear Sir snoring away like a content bear fast sleep in his sack. WOOF!!


And if you look to the left of that picture, you can just see the corner of our cage where I am locked away just about every night after dinner. I very much enjoy being locked in this cage, because it is right beside my Sir’s bed, just where Sir’s Boy should be … WOOF WOOF!!!

Get the sleepsack here

Metal would like to thank Paul for this report, and for the pictures!

Master Mike’s confinement box

Check out the pictures and information from Master Mike:


It has a nice thick comfy cushion, a kennel heater to keep you toasty warm, and a LED light if you want to do some reading or just see what you are sitting in. It is completely dark with the light turned off. The door and heater are controlled by redundant timers, so there is no chance of getting stuck in it. So long as you don’t exert yourself too much, there is plenty of airflow. I find it quite relaxing.

IMG_1375 IMG_1379 IMG_1383


Thanks, Master Mike, for these pictures and the information about your confinement box! Fucking HOT!


(Note to readers: Yes, I have been inside and it is just as cool as it looks!)