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Pictures and video: Vinny is kept in spread-eagle bondage for hours

Scroll down for a free video preview form the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, Felix leaves his captive chained alone in the dungeon for hours, with nasty clips digging into his cock and balls, then tortures him with the pinwheel and forces him to suck cock.

Felix Frost bondage stud

Vinny moans in pain, alone and naked, spread-eagled to a torture frame for hours, a handful of small, biting clamps digging into the flesh of his cock and balls. Then Felix Frost returns with his razor-sharp pinwheel. He runs the pinwheel down the shaft of Vinny’s cock, sending the prisoner into spasms of pains, screaming at the top of his lungs. Then Felix removes the cock and ball pins, causing even more pain. “See this?” Felix asks, showing Vinny a rigid, rubber dildo. “This is going in your ass later!” he adds, shoving the dildo down the prisoner’s throat and making him choke on it. “But first I want a blow job. On your knees!” Felix demands. Vinny sucks cock like a pro, hoping against hope that this man will let him go.

Here is a free video preview:


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Felix Frost gay bondage

Dream Boy Bondage Felix Frost

Video: Cole and Felix at Dream Boy Bondage

Cole and Felix at Dream Boy Bondage

“Oh God it’s too big!” Cole gasps as Felix Frost pulls out the steel butt-plug he used to break in Cole’s asshole and replaces it with a massive dildo with a fist-like ball on the end. Cole cries out in agony as the huge phallus pummels his asshole like a pile driver. He remains firmly attached to the horizontal X-cross by a series of elastic cords that dig into his flesh. After fucking his captive for an hour, Felix leaves the punishment dildo imbedded in Cole’s ass then whips him hard with his favorite flogger while continuing to fuck him. “Whose ass is this? Felix barks. “Yours, Sir,” Cole sputters, the dildo still shoved in as his ass and back are flogged, then misted with alcohol. Cole is then flipped over onto his back and pinned down by the same web of elastic, and his torso and balls are covered with biting clothespins.

Here is a free teaser video — which looks best in full screen mode:


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Title of this shoot: “Cole Miller – A Boy For Torture – Part 6”

severe testicle torture

Video: Captive blond Leo Edwards

male captive in the dungeon

Leo Edwards has been a captive in the dungeon for a week. He is fed and cleaned and forced to work out everyday. Otherwise he is chained in a cell, naked. Every few days, Felix Frost takes him out of his cage and tortures him. Today is one of those days. Leo, naked as always, is hung from the ceiling by his wrists, his ankles spread by chains to the wall. He is gagged. He’s been waiting for hours when Felix arrives carrying a large weight, which he ropes to Leo’s balls to force him to arch his back and present his ass for a flogging. The flogging is unrelenting, a steady barrage of hard blows that leave Leo’s back and ass covered with fresh wounds. All the captive can do is whimper and thrash about as he absorbs each blow to his lean, muscled flesh. Then Felix switches to the single-tail whip. After an hour of lashing, Leo collapses, hanging limp. Felix continues to whip the prisoner, just to watch his hot body flinch.

Here is a free video preview – be sure to watch in full screen


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Title of this shoot: Leo Edwards – Captive Blond – Part 7

Severe testicle torture

Pictures and video: Leo bound on the fuck bench

Leo bound on the fuck bench

Leo has been bound to the fuck-bench for hours, his ass exposed and totally vulnerable. He knows he will be fucked; he just doesn’t know when or how. Then Felix Frost walks in and tests the captive’s tight ass with a spear-shaped butt plug. Leo’s asshole is as tight as a nun’s pussy, so Leo greases it up with his fingers then pushes the plug in. Leo is totally violated, naked, helpless and now fucked. Then the ass beating begins. Felix whips the stud’s plugged ass over and over, making him thrash with pain. His ass cheeks sting like hell, but the inside of his ass hurts even more as the plug throbs with each blow. Felix beats the prisoner for what seems like forever, delivering a steady series of blows with the leather paddle until Leo’s ass is covered with deep-red welts. Felix then fucks the captive with the dildo for a while then replaces it with his finger, finger-fucking while stroking his cock. Leo finally spurts a huge load of cum all over the floor

Here is a free video preview:


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Title of this shoot: Leo Edwards – Captive Blonde – Part 5

Dream Boy Bondage

Pictures and video: Jeremy Spreadums at Dream Boy Bondage

Jeremy Spreadums at Dream Boy Bondage

Jeremy Spreadums gets paid big bucks to dance on stage and perform on film. He keeps his body is perfect condition and turns heads at the gym and the club. He’s a hot piece of ass and he knows it. But, deep inside, he knows he’s just another bottom, a slave who deserves to be punished – for his arrogance and his self-regard. He has fantasized for years of being beaten and tortured, to truly suffer, for no other reason than his beauty and his sex appeal. Today, his wish finally comes true. He’s bolted to a wall in our dungeon and flogged on his pecs, stripped naked and flogged some more. “Harder, Sir, harder!” he begs as the flogger digs into his flesh. “You deserve this pain,” his master, Felix Frost, tells him. “Yes, Sir!” Jeremy replies, his body trembling with pain. And the pain is going to get much, much worse – more than he can handle. But first Felix is going to enjoy that cock.

Here is a free video preview:


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Title of this shoot: Jeremy Spreadums – Harder, Sir, Harder! – Part 1

Dream Boy Bondage

Felix Frost tortures a prisoner

Dream Boy Bondage

There’s a new top working over the prisoners at Dream Boy Bondage! Felix Frost alternates between torturing and sucking his slave’s cock. College stud Leo whimpers and moans, from the pleasure of Felix’s mouth and the pain of tight rope, biting pins and a razor-sharp pinwheel. Felix finally removes the pins and unties the rope. “Turn around!” he barks, keeping Leo up on his toes as he forces him to face the whipping post. Leo can’t believe his eyes when he sees the long, red single-tail whip. “Agggggg!” the captive screams when the first lash lands. Felix makes Leo smell the rubbing alcohol before misting it on his back. And, if that weren’t bad enough, he attacks Leo’s fresh wounds with his pinwheel. The look of pain and terror on Leo’s angelic face is almost as hot as watching his fine, naked body writhe in pain.

Felix Frost

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Title of this shoot: Leo Edwards – Captive Blonde – Part 3

gay bondage and whipping