Cop & Dom

By ChastitySub

Part I

The Cop and the Dominator had met at the gym. They started working out together: the Cop liked the Dominator for pushing him harder in his lifting workouts. Sure, maybe he was a little attracted to the Dominator on some man-to-man level … but the Cop was a straight, tough cop, and didn’t go that way sexually.

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Reality Trumps Fantasy

By MarkNorth

He is locked in the cage his eyes pleading with me over the top of the gag.  His wrists and ankles weighed down by the heaviest shackles that I have; with short, heavy chains limiting his every movement. He is not happy – but I could care less.

It is obvious that he finally regrets his decision to become my prisoner.  They never believe that it is for “real” until it is too late.  They love the idea of being a prisoner or a slave or losing control – the excitement of the fantasy.  So they blissfully agree to sign the contract or lock the collars on.

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The Prisoner Fantasy

By Nick Ensign

I should have recognized him for what he was the moment I laid eyes on him. But you know how it is when a man — any man who fits your ‘type’ perfectly — can knock the sense right out of you. I was at Starbucks, catching up on some emails and Facebook messages, when he walked in with a few of his friends. His hair was cut back into a short flattop, maybe the sexiest haircut a man can wear, and his moustache was thick, dark, but not overgrown.

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