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Video: Many layers of bondage and control

In this scene, the subject dons a tight latex catsuit and hood, and then gets zipped into a military survival suit. As you can see, this dude really likes the experience, especially when he has control of the vibrator.


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Title of this video: Bake-On Rubberpig

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Video: Full-enclosure hazmat

The guys at SeriousMaleBondage have a friend — BondageVienna on Recon — who loves to play in full-enclosure hazmat suits. This suit is ideal for playing in water – he squirts it right in his face while continuing to breathe easily. The suit is loose fitting, so he’s enjoying the clammy rubber smell and feel, a much different experience than a skin-tight neoprene wetsuit. There’s nothing better than playing in water while wearing rubber gear:


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