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Elliot has been locked in chastity and chained completely naked to a urinal



At BrutalTops, Elliot has been one of Master Toby’s bitches for the past two weeks. Master Toby has a reputation for being particularly strict and sadistic at all times and has been out working and then chilling with his work mates. They are highly paid and quite well-known sportsmen. The sub has been locked in chastity and chained completely naked to a urinal in the basement bathroom of Toby’s house.

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Izzy Danger signs up for a heavy bondage fantasy

In a few years, half the young men in America will be unemployable. Adopting strange names advertising their status, many good-looking young men do the only thing they can: become “fantasy boys.” With a smooth, well-built body, Izzy Danger, 21, will earn more in a few days as a fantasy boy than he makes in three months on the dole. “I can do this,” he says as he signs the government-approved contract explaining that his body will not be “seriously damaged” nor sexually penetrated by another man, since that would be a crime. Blindfolded and chained to a wall, he pants nervously as his shirt is ripped open, then bellows in shock and agony as his hairless torso is flogged mercilessly.

VIDEO SERIES available on Dream Boy Bondage

VIDEO SERIES available on Dream Boy Bondage


VIDEO SERIES available on Dream Boy Bondage

Title: IZZY DANGER: Fantasy Boy – Chapter 1

VIDEO SERIES available on Dream Boy Bondage

The Prison Writer – Chapter 18

By Joshua Ryan

He stopped the car in something that looked like a garage or an old bus depot.  There was even a bus parked in there, and a whole line of guys climbin off of it.  They were all dressed like me — I mean they were all wearing cuffs and shackles!  Their clothes were all different, though.  Some of them were wearing those cool jailhouse stripes that you always see online, and some of them were dressed in various styles of orange.  About half of them were like me — normal clothes.  I could see what was happening.

This bus had stopped at a few jails, and some of these were guys like me that had just reported for prison, like I was “supposed” to have done, but some of them had been sittin in jail already.   Not enough money, I guess!  But they were all going to prison.  And so was I!  It didn’t take long for me to take my place in line with them.  Lieutenant Brannigan pulled me out of the back seat, and a friend of his came up, another gray-uniformed DOC goon, and I was swept away, into the tide of bodies comin off the bus.  Too bad I didn’t get to know the Lieutenant better — I’d never had a hunk like that grabbing my crotch before.

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