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Chained up at CMNM

Stark naked and bound in chains in the middle of the nightclub, hetero John is overwhelmed by the physical sensation of being roughly groped by groups of horny men at CMNM.net.

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They seize his penis slicked up with grease and jerk him insistently till he can’t help growing a stiff hard on and his balls are aching for release. Thoroughly embarrassed by how totally his body has been used, John will never tell his girlfriend what happened, but he’ll never forget the feeling of being stark naked and milked dry.

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Time-release self-bondage using electromagnets

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Bind is always up for a challenge. In this update posted earlier this year to Serious Male Bondage, Bind locks himself into a standing spread-eagle position with a metal helmet. (Please note that self-bondage and time-release bondage is risky! Do not attempt without leaving yourself an escape mechanism, or better yet tell a trusted to check on you later!)

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See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage


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