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Metalbond pays a visit to Alcatraz


When I was in San Francisco back in September 2009, I visited Alcatraz with a friend, who photographed me (above). I really got a charge out of stepping into the very small cells that prisoners were confined in.  I learned a lot listening to the audio tour, narrated by former guards and inmates. They had a great gift shop (I bought $70 worth of souvenirs). I also enjoyed the view of San Francisco from the island itself. But my favorite part of the tour was the small block of about six isolation cells — where unruly prisoners were locked in for up to 19 days nonstop as punishment. When a park ranger offered to lock anyone who wanted to in for 30 seconds, I of course volunteered immediately. He slammed the door with a deafening bang, and when he did so it was absolutely 100 percent dark. I could definitely get into this. He said the men locked in here did not get beds, only blankets if they were lucky. Yep, that works for me! In fact, if it weren’t for the other tourists in there giggling I probably would have shot a load right in my jeans.

Below are more pictures from our visit:

02_therockDSC02475 03_cellblockDSC02520 04_cellDSC02512 05_showersDSC02491 06_laundryDSC02489 07_visitorboothDSC02503 08_visitorrulesDSC02504 09_guarditemsDSC02530 10_isolationcellDSC02513 11_MetalbondinisilationcellDSC02518 12_viewDSC02523 13_hotguyDSC02479 14_warningDSC02535 15_inmatesDSC02499


Good book

I just finished Alcatraz From Inside, written in the first person by a man who was locked up on “The Rock” for a decade and was involved in two escape attempts:



It’s an amazing story. It shows how easy it is to get started in a life of crime, and how difficult it is to stop. The author eventually was released on parole and re-invented himself as an x-ray technician.

You can get this book on Amazon.