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Remembering Andrew Harwin

As the year comes to a close, it is nice to reflect upon those we have lost. Among them is the beloved Andrew Harwin, who was a longtime leather activist, a member of Delta and the Chicago Hellfire Club, and one of the organizers of New York City’s annual Folsom Street East.

Andrew HarwinAndrew died in May of this year, and on Sept 28, a beautiful gathering was held at the LGBT Community Center here in New York to celebrate his life. The service was lovingly organized by his friend Matthew and attended by dozens of people whose lives Andrew touched over the years — many of whom wore leather and/or club colors. Andrew’s own well-worn vests, adorned with his patches from CHC/Inferno and Delta, were hung for all to see. A photo collage and objects from Andrew’s home were also set out. A portion of a video interview with Andrew was shown, and a musician played some of Andrew’s favorite music, on soprano saxophone and flute. Several participants read poetry. The celebration concluded with a champagne toast.

Movingly, a number of people who knew Andrew particularly well shared their thoughts and feelings, and even more stories began to flow during the open sharing portion of the afternoon. So many had stories and anecdotes to share. We laughed, we cried and we reflected upon the life of our beloved friend.

Andrew Harwin

Remembering Rob aka mdbndgboy

The beloved Rob Cline, aka mdbndgboy, passed away recently. I am told that he had been struggling with the ALS-type symptoms since last fall.

gay bondage Rob_02 Rob_03 RobCline

Rob was one of the sweetest, most affable men I have ever known. He was also quite kinky, and he was also a real exhibitionist. I remember one Delta when he spent the first 48 hours tied up and blindfolded. Each December he would send out his famous Christmas cards, with pictures of himself in various forms of restraint over the past year.

Rob was active in Delta, the 15 Association (Bootcamp), the New York Renegades, the Philadelphia Bondage Club, plus just about any other ‘gathering’ you can think of. He appeared in Drummer, Bound and Gagged and several other magazines over the years.

He also wrote a book, How I Became America’s Most Requested Bondageboy, which is available on Amazon kindle.

Jack McGeorge

I learned over the weekend with great sadness about the death of Jack McGeorge.

Jack McGeorge

Jack was into some very serious locking metal bondage — among many other interests and life passions. And he was completely out and open about his interests, not only in his personal life but in his work and professional life as well.

I will always remember the GMSMA meeting in New York several years back when Jack locked me in a cravat in front of about 100 other guys. He asked for a volunteer, and I must have been the first guy to raise his hand. And he told a great story about flying home from overseas with spiked leg irons in his luggage, and telling the security agents all about them and what they were for.

You can read more about Jack on Lolita’s blog. Click here.